Do It Yourself Home Security: DIY is Easier With LiveWatch

Why is DIY home security a popular option homeowners nationwide choose to protect their valuable property? DIY security is:

  • Easy to install no matter your level of expertise
  • Cost effective - no expensive appointments or installers
  • Saves time because you decide when to install the security system, instead of waiting for a serviceperson
  • Whether you're looking for a new project or an added layer of security for your home, LiveWatch's DIY guide can help you protect what's priceless.

Follow this simple guide to plan your home security system. Even people who aren't comfortable with technology can place a DIY security system in their home by going through these easy steps:

  • Note the areas you want to secure, including the various components (windows, doors, etc.) you want to protect.
  • Decide on the system you want. The best, and safest, solution costs just $9 per month from LiveWatch, compared to $30 or more from other companies.
  • Shop for accessories online.
  • Compare the best price and service from various home security companies.
  • Marks of a good company are: Having the best prices, excellent customer service, before and after the sale, free technical support to help you if needed and great customer satisfaction reviews
  • Purchase your system! No need to wait around for an installer to come to your home; you can set it up right out of the box.

Easy DIY Installation With Just A Few Tools

All you need for installing your DIY system is a screwdriver, measuring tape and wire strippers. Here are some guidelines for installation, depending on your system.

For Hardwired Systems:

  • Install battery backup
  • Install accessories (sensors, motion detectors, etc.)
  • Measure and lay out wire
  • Connect wire to sensors
  • Configure circuit board (it is a simple circuit and very easy to connect and operate)
  • Program control panel (codes and options are included in installation manual)
  • Mount control panel on the wall
  • Test sensors

For Wireless Systems:

  • Install battery backup
  • Program control panel and sensors
  • Connect hardwire, power, phone, and siren contacts
  • Program any alternative device
  • Mount to the wall
  • Test sensors

DIY Ideas: Small Changes Make A Big Difference

If you already have a security system, think about upgrading your technology in these key areas:


Many older homes have locks that are too easy to pick. New technology also allows a lock keypad system to alert you via email or text when a door is opened or closed. These keypads come for both indoor and outdoor entranceways for maximum protection.


LiveWatch offers both indoor and outdoor cameras with half the setup time, twice the interactive features and as much support as you'd like. The video cameras run over your wireless Internet, eliminating the need for DVRs or other recording devices.

Motion Sensors

These devices monitor movement in the house or yard so you can protect against burglaries — or any teenagers sneaking out of the house. Most are pet-friendly, so Fido's late-night wandering doesn't initiate an unnecessary visit from the police.