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    Except for a smoke detector my system is up and running now! Yeah!  ;D

    I was wondering what difference it makes using 2 wire or 4 wire on a smoke detector? Also, is there a life span on smoke detectors? I think mine is about 8 years old now. It's a 4 wire 541C. Not sure if I should go ahead and replace it now or wait until it tells me something is wrong.

    For now I have hardwire zone 8 unused to use it for my smoke detector. Still need to figure out how to program the panel for the smoke detector and how to wire it up properly. But I ran out of motivation and time this weekend. This coming week I'll program the panel and wire up a smoke detector. 



    The difference between using 2 wire smokes and 4 wire smokes is with 2 wire smokes all smokes will come in as a system fire signal and 4 wire smokes can be used to trip zone inputs and will annunciate the smokes if each smoke has it's own zone.

    For 2 wire smokes program pgm2 as type 04 9 2-WIRE SMOKE ) in section 006, connect the negative smoke to pgm 2, connect the positive to aux+ and install a 2.2k eol resistor at the last smoke.

    For 4 wire smokes program pgm2 as type 02 ( sensor reset ) IN SECTION 009, PROGRAM THE ZONE TYPE AS 08 ( 24 HOUR fIRE ) IN SECTIONS 001 – 004, connect the smoke power to aux+ and pgm2 negative, connect your smoke detector to the zone input and install a 5.6k eol at the smoke



    Thank you so much for the info!  :) That will save me a lot of time reading through the manual again and again as I did all weekend long putting in my system.

    I found the manual on my old detector and it said if it goes out of specs the LED will flash rapidly. So I'm going to reuse it for now. While the wireless window sensors cut down a lot of time putting in my system, the wireless costs added up quick!  :o



    Could you clarify or show me a picture of the resistor installed at the eol looks like?  Do you connect the resistor to just the wires or hook into the no / c terminals of the smoke detector itself?  Thank you.

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