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    Vista 20P Hybrid setup
    5881 ENM
    5804 Four Button Key Fob

    Against a brick wall trying to program key fob.  Using zones 10-13.  zone type set for 21 and loop 3 for the "ON" button, zone type 22 and loop 2 for the "OFF" button, zone type 00 and loop 4 for the third button (inactive), and zone type 20 and loop 1 for the fourth button.  Report Code 11 and 13, Input Type RF TRANS= 5.  The instructions alludes to *24, RF HOUSE  ID CODE but not sure what that means.  I keep getting faults for the zones, or no response at all depending on variations in my trial and error attempts at programming.

    Any suggestions and/or advice appreciated!


    astral voyage

    fault on fob zones mean you dont have the right input type set. just make sure all fob zones are programmed for input type 5.

    after that, assign the fob a rf user by hitting the following command:

    MC + 802 + #411…..i have assumed zones 10-13 are programmed for ur fob.

    should work after this.



    Thanks for your reply but still no luck . . . Perhaps I don't fully understand how to assign a RF User.

    Is the RF User assigned before the QUIT command for that zone?  If so, I don't get that opportunity right after INPUT TYPE 5. 

    Here are the inputs so far for zone 10.  Zones 11-13 are the same except for type and loop number:  Lower left button inactivated, by the way.

    Zone = 10 (for the first button, "ON")
    Zone Type = 21
    P = 1
    RC = 10
    IN = BR
    L = 3s

    For the REPORT CODE input, I have 01 for 1st and 00 for 2nd.

    Input Type = 5

    Input S/N = A— —-

    Loop 3

    After the 00 Quit command and *99, nothing happens when buttons are pressed.  Before, I would get a fault for that zone.

    I apologize for being so dense on this issue.  Any suggestion on what to do next?



    Please disregard . . . I finally figured it out!  Thanks.   



    you must exit programming  *99 before you can assign a user  , when you get a disarmed ready display then you can proceed with the  MC 802+ #11


    on the 20p you must assign a user number to it.
    example 1234-810-5555
    Then assign it to a zone #
    example 1234-810#430 (30 being the disarm zone on the keyfob)

    also remember to program keyfobs as a BR not a RF

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