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    I have a Ademco CIA Modem with the newest version of compass downloader the computer crashed and a new one was put in its place and the new one didn't have a serial port I got a usb to serial adaper and the driver for the adapter. the modem will call panels and the panel will pick up but when it gets to conferming CSID and receiving status after about 11/2 minunts the modem stops responding and disconnects with the message no response from modem. Could this be that the is a port speed conflict because of the usb to serial adaper like maybe compass cant recieve the info as fast as the usb port is sending or could the usb be sending commands to fast for the modem to send the info request to the panels ??? All worked fine when it was on the old computer.



    That is a tough one. You may need to contact ademco support for that answer. Alot of our loaders use the usb serial port and it has been hit and miss weither they work will the usb or not hook straight to the panels. Our solution was to buy used pc with serial ports built in. Hope ademco and the others have this fixed before I can no longer get machines with built in serial port.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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