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    I have an Ademco Visa-10SE panel and three 6139 keypads sprinkled around the house.  I have learned how to get into programming mode and view/modify settings but I can't seem to make the config change I want.

    The problem is that my girlfriend goes to bed early and we have a keypad in the bedroom.  Every time I enable/disable the alarm all the keypads in the house beep loudly including the one in the bedroom, waking her up.  Since I stay up late and need to access the garage frequently, I am forced to either cause the keypad in the bedroom wake her up or not use the alarm.  And she really wants the alarm active at night.

    I'd like to turn off the keypad beeps during alarm enable/disable.

    I tried code *51 (confirmation of arming ding) already by setting it to 0 (disables ding) but that didn't result in any change to the beeps.

    I saw a manual for another vista panel that has instructions for adjusting keypad sounds on each individually addressed keypad.  But my 10SE manual doesn't list those commands and some of the other command numbers are scrambled around so I hesitated to start typing in potentially incorrect codes.  Also, my manual says that all of my keypads have to be "addressable keypads set to non-addressable mode (address 31)" since I have the 4285/4286 VIP module installed. 

    If all my keypads are set to address 31, maybe there is a way to alter the beep setting for addr 31 and it will cause all keypads to stop beeping?

    Or maybe my keypads are somehow individually addressable and I can turn off the beeps on the bedroom keypad?




    To my knowledge that option is only available on systems with addressable keypads. Confirmation of arming ding will sound the siren for one second upon arming the system, if she doesnt like the keypad beep she really wont like that if you turn it on :)



    What are my options for changing to addressable keypads? What are the downsides? Would I have to disconnect the phone control module?
    How would I switch to addressable keypad mode?
    If I did that, how would I then modify the config of the keypads so they won't beep?

    I must not be the first person who has wanted silent keypads.




    I thinka Vista 10P control panel would meet your needs. Take a look at the programming manual, in particular look at locations *190 and *191. You would replace your control panel motherboard and still use all your existing keypads etc. If by phone control module you mean a 4286, you would be able to reuse that as well.

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