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    Hi Everyone,I'm trying to decide between an Ademco Vista 15p or 20p for a DIY hybrid wireless/wired install of my 2 story house. From reviewing the feature sheet at Honeywell's security website, both units are *nearly* identical in features, save for the max number of supported zones. Being that the Vista 15p supports more zones that I will need, is there anything I'm missing from feature standpoint by not going with the 20p? Here's my basic system plan:1 wired window (basement)3 wireless door (5816mn)1 or 2 wireless PIR motion1 wired indoor siren1 6160V Alpha keypad (main)1 6160RF fixed keypad (upstairs)Our municipal code does not allow smokes unless they are wired to set off all existing wired smoke alarms (standalone batt excld). Even the 'big guys' won't offer smoke/heat monitoring due to the code restriction.That being said, I don't plan on having the system monitored right away. To me the yard sign/decals coupled with the "unwanted attention" from the siren will (hopefully) deter or delay the amount of time the perp stays inside. I can use the resources for making computers and the such more difficult to get out the door. Anyway, any crook would come out of my place with less than he came in with :) Thanks for your help!


    DEL Installations

    Both are somewhat similar, however the 15P will support 6 on board zones to the 20's 8 and 1 partition compared to 2.

    Price difference at trade cost is $10, so weigh that factor compared to features and future usage considerations.



    Dave, many thanks for the reply. I hadn't factored the partitioning feature in to my requirements, but maybe I'll take another look.

    It kinda makes me wonder why Ademco even offers the 15p when the 20p is essentially the same h/w. Perhaps the difference is in the controller firmware only or it didn't pass QC for all zones when it was tested in the factory? From a manufacturing standpoint, it's usually cheaper to use the same components & differentiate via software. 




    I vote fork out the few extra dollars and get the 20p, silly not too.



    Ok, twist my arm, Vista 20p it is :) . Although, I'm still considering a "big blue" install – which I understand uses a flavor of the 20p. I get a decent discount on installation via my employer, so I may just eat up the 2 yr contract & replace the keypads.

    Thanks for the advice.

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