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    Hello all,

    I am having trouble adding an Ademco 5881ENM to my system.  I've been working at this for three days so any help that you can provide is MOST APPRECIATED!

    I'll provide some information regarding my system:

    Control Panel:  Ademco Vista 21iP with Vista-GSM.  Powered by 1361X10 Transformer.  
    There are 6 hardwired zones:  all are working
    • zone 1 (zone not being used – EOL resistor in place)
    • zone 2 recessed transmitter with EOL resistor in place
    • zone 3 recessed transmitter with EOL resistor in place
    • zone 4 recessed transmitter with EOL resistor in place
    • zone 5 Visonic K-940 PIR with EOL resistor in place
    • zone 6 Visonic K-940 PIR with EOL resistor in place
    • zone 7 Visonic K-940 PIR with EOL resistor in place
    • zone 8 (zone not being used – EOL resistor in place)

    Keypad:  Ademco 6150RF programmed as follows:  Keypad Address is 16, Receiver Address is 00, House ID is 01, House ID Source is 0, Receiver Enable is 1, Transmitter Module Enable is 1, High Security Mode is 0.

    There are 12 devices currently transmitting to the 6150RF keypad.  All are working.  They are:
    • 2 Ademco 5804 wireless key transmitters.
    • 10 5800Micra recessed transmitters.

    Keypad:  Ademco 6271C Touchscreen addressed as 01

    The RF receiver that I am trying to connect is an Ademco 5881 ENM.  Addressed as 00 (dip switch setting).  Cables are correctly connected and tight.  Red LED is not on (though blinks randomly).  I've checked the voltages on the data wires with reference back to the black and the voltages received are within limits.  Grounding lugs and antennas are in proper positions (lugs to the left, antennas to the right).

    Here are my questions:
    1. The 6150RF can support 16 wireless devices.  10 of which are taken by the 5800Micra recessed transmitters; which leaves six zones.  The documentation for the 5804 wireless key transmitters says that you must program all four buttons (loops) on each wireless key.  I have not done so.  I have programmed loop 3 as ARM AWAY, loop 2 as DISARM, and loop 1 to control an X10 light switch to my porch light.   I've done this in order to stay within the 16 device limitation.  So my question here is would this give a CHECK 100 message?
    2. The 6150RF keypad is programmed with a Receiver Address of 00.  Isn't that conflicting with the dip switch setting on the 5881 ENM of 00?  

    Here is what I've noticed…everything works as expected until I attempt to connect the 5881 ENM.  Within an hour or so I receive a CHECK 100 message if the system is disarmed; the siren will sound if the system is armed.  If I remove power (including the backup battery) and change the dipswitch setting to 01 on the 5881 ENM and power back up there is no message and the system runs just fine.  I am able to successfully program a zone for the next wireless device, however after the system reset, the keypad displays the trouble LED along with an error regarding the wireless configuration.

    I'm out of ideas, so any help that any of you out there can provide would be GREAT!!!!!



    Welcome to the forum.
    You can only have 1 receiver on the system.



    Thanks for the quick reply!

    WOW! I never considered this.  It's not apparent at all by reading the install guides for either the 21iP or the 6150RF.  I'm so glad that I posted here.  I could have spent another week at this!

    So, I still need to install another 15 wireless zones.  Am I reading the manual correctly that the 5881ENH or the 6160RF will work?  Understanding of course that if I went with the 6160RF, I would use it place of the 6150RF (so that there is only one receiver).


    DEL Installations

    You can only use multiple receivers on the larger, fully addressable panels, from the V-40 up.

    Loop 4 MUST be programmed on any keyfobs in the system. There used to be a tech bulletin, but I'm not sure if they still exist.

    I can't remember offhand and MyWebTech's PDF's are messed up right now, but I believe that the receiver is supposed to be addressed to 31. Been a while since I've had to mess with the dips.



    I figured that two receivers both addressed for 00 would conflict. 

    The install guide for the 5881ENM says to address as 00 but you can address using the dip switches 2, 3 and which allows addressing of 0 through 7. 

    The install guide for the 6150RF says that you can use a receiver address from 00-30. 

    I appreciate you guys helping out! 



    You can only use 1 receiver as DEL said – I would use the 6160RF as it covers both needed bases (full service wireless and programming abilities) or go with the 5881 H series only (as long as you don't need future by-directional functionality)

    The receiver address must be 00
    The keypad address can be 16

    If using the 6160RF both settings (recvraddy/keyaddy) are available in its programming.




    Thanks Jim.  I ordered the 6160RF last week and it showed up over the weekend so I will be putting into place tonight after work. 

    Thanks again to all who responded!  Forums such as these bring back the true intent of the Internet!

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