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    I've installed a new Vista 20P and GSMV.  The system works OK on my end (when I violate a zone the alarm sounds) but the monitoring company is not receiving an event signal (using an ADEMCO cellular GSMV).

    The GSMV is registered (no green LED) and it is receiving a very strong signal (all signal LED's are on.)
    When I re-register it (by pressing the tamper button 3 times) the monitoring company receives the registration message so I know they are communicating.
    The Yellow message LED flashes about once a second. (I don't know if that considered the 'Quick Periodic Blink' which means Normal, or 'Fast Blink' which means a message is waiting for network ACK.)

    I'm new to this so it's probably a setting I missed or did wrong.  Here's the data field programming I've done so far (all settings are at default with these exceptions:

    *29 – Changed to 1 (to enable the GSMV)
    *55 – Changed to 1 (long range radio)
    *56 – Zone Programming
              Zn  ZT  P  RC  HW:RT
              01  00  1  10  EL:1 (not used)
              02  01  1  12  EL:1 (Front Door)
              03  04  1  13  EL:1 (front motion sensor)
              04  03  1  14  EL:1 (back motion sensor
              05  03  1  15  EL:1 (side door)
              06  03  1  16  EL:1 (back door)
    I wanted a second method of being notified of an error so I'm using the pager feature.  It works well for my purposes.
    *160 – I entered my cell phone # in place of a pager #
    *162 – 4 (so I only get paged if there is trouble)

    Am I missing something to keep it from sending a signal through the cellular gsmv?

    Also, should I populate field 80 and 81 (output programming menu mode and Zone list programming menu mode?)

    Thanks for any input.



    Try setting off the alarm and then quickly checking the radio. When the alarm goes off the yellow light on the radio will go solid for a few seconds and then it will begin to flash rapidly. When done it will go back to flashing once a second.



    I had someone trigger the alarm while i watched the LED's.  No change.  The yellow led just continued to flash at the same rate.



    I believe you will need to let the alarm go for atleast the amount of time in location *50, otherwise transmission will be aborted.



    Brilliant! That was it.  I didn't realize that by default the 20p has a 30 second dialer delay.  I was shutting it off too soon.  I changed *50 to 0 and all problems solved

    Thanks AlarmTech and Fishlips25.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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