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    I recently purchased a PC1616 Wireless alarm system and need some help programming it. I contacted DSC customer support and they told me if I wasn't a licensed installer they could not help me. GREAT COMPANY. Here's what I got.Garage Door (Want a 60 sec delay)Front Door (Want a 60 sec dealay)Laundry Room WindowKitchen WindowKitchen Slider Window 2 contactsLiving Room Slider 2 contactsLiving Room Slider Again 1 contactGuest BedroomMaster Bedroom Master Bedroom Motionand finally Living Room Glass BreakSo I think I have a total of 14 or 15 wireless contacts and then the motion and glass break. Also have a GSM and a couple of wireless remotes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for anyones time in advance. I have read the tutrioals but don't understand them completely.


    Welcome to the forum.

    We'll be happy to lend a hand. It will be easier to get started if you have some specific questions. What have you attempted so far? Have you tried defining the zones (that's usually the first step)? Have you read the descriptions of the zone definitions in the manual? Do you understand how to enroll the wireless devices? Which parts of the tutorials did you have trouble understanding? And also…… what model keypad do you have?

    You seem surprised that DSC doesn't want to deal with you. You should understand, though, that professional alarm systems are designed and manufactured for professional installers. Not only are the systems complex, but there are all kinds of liability issues. Chances are, if you went into a local alarm distributor, they would not be willing to sell you the equipment. With the forum's help, though, you should be able to get a handle on it.



    Thanks Ken for your quick response. I printed your how to program a wireless DSC and started there also tried inputing the wireless devices into the alarm and got nothing. On my display bottom left it says OPEN and then the time. Umm. will have to get you the model of the keypad forgot. I started by just installing the first door contact I put in the information provided in the post I printed. I can reset the alarm back to factory default and start from scratch if that makes it easy. I will post the model of the keypad tomorrow I am out of town and didn't expect such and fast response. Thanks again for your time in advance.


    I wouldn't be too concerned at first with the "open" indication; that will continue until everything is in place and secure. Instead, I would start with just zone 1. Enter the Electronic Serial Number in section 804, subsection 01, then enter a definition in section 001, make zone 1 wireless (turn on option 8 in section 101), and see if the sensor works. If you were successful, zone 1 should toggle between open and closed on the keypad when you move the magnet close and take it away from the sensor (make sure the magnet is aligned in the right spot). Let us know how that goes.

    Incidentally, defaulting and starting from scratch isn't a bad idea, especially if you think you may have already entered some things incorrectly. If you spent some time in 804, then default the receiver also ( *8  Installer's Code   996   Installer's Code  996).



    thanks Ken again. Ok let me see if I got this correct.

    To restore the Keypad back to default enter
    Installers Code then 996 Installers Code again then 996 again? I am really not this slow when it comes to things I understand but I am lost with this. LOL.

    Ken do you have a number I can call you at and you can walk me through this? I will be avaliable on Monday or Tuesday after 2pm. Thanks for your time in advance.


    996 defaults wireless the receiver only; to default the main board, you would enter *8  Installer's Code  999  Installer's Code  999.

    Check your Personal Messages.



    I would like to send a BIG THANK YOU out to Ken for helping me get my PC1616 DSC programmed. Thanks again Ken. If I can every help you with anything give me a shout.

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