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    I have completed the wire connection  and power up the unit.  The PK5501 displays:      "Program    __:__"

    After around 15 seconds, the display disappeared and beep sounds about once per second. I power off the unit and power up again, the same happens.

    I have tried to enter  *8 and the default Installer code (5555) when the display shows
    "Program    __:__" 

    But seems no response, the display still disappeared and beep sounds after 15 seconds.

    Any suggestion? 


    Welcome to the forum.

         You need to set the clock when you power up:

    Master Code (1 2 3 4 )
    hhmm  (time in 24 hour format)




    There is no response to my input "*6 1234….", the display disappeared and beep sounds after several seconds.

    Actually the ":" in "Program    __:__" is blinking, is this an error message?

    I have connected the zone sensors, would any incorrect connection causing this situation?

    Should I disconnect all the zone sensors and try power up again?


    Make sure that the yellow and green wires are in the correct terminals, both at the keypad and at the panel. Also make sure they are securely fastened in the terminals, and that enough insulation has been stripped to ensure good contact between the wire and terminal. Zone sensors should have no effect on the ability of the keypad to respond properly.




    Hi Ken,

    I switched the wires and now the keyboard is working.  I also checked all the zones and sensors, they could show the open-close condition correctly.  Thank you.

    Now I have the Trouble (triangle) light on in the keyboard and cannot arm the system.  I pressed *2 and it displayed 1 & 3.  I then pressed 1, it showed 5.

    It seems the troubles are Module Supervision and Telephone Line Fault.  I have not connected the telephone line, but what is Module Supervision, how could I investigate and fix it?

    After *2, I then pressed 9, trying to acknowledge these faults.  It seems no effect, the trouble light still on and the system still cannot be armed.

    Any suggestion?  Could the system be armed without the telephone line connection?

    Thanks & Regards


    Good progress! The fix for both is easy. Module supervision keeps track of any changes on the keybus (keypads, expanders, etc.). Go into section 902, wait one full minute, then go into 903. This will cause the system to survey all modules connected to the keybus and register exactly what is present. That should make the supervisory trouble disappear.

    To disable the Telephone Line Monitor (TLM), go into section 015 and press 7 (the "7" should disappear from the display). The  system will no longer check for a telephone line.

    The trouble codes should not prevent the system from being armed. You can arm as long as you have a green Ready light. If the green light is not on, there is an open zone. If you go into Keypad Programming and turn on option 8 in section 076, the keypad will automatically show which zones are open:

    Installer's Code




    Hi Ken,

    I have connected the telepohne line and now digit 3 is off.  I followed the sequence of 902 and 903, but digit 1 stays on.  Any advise?

    I followed the sequence of to show the Open conditions.  The keyboard shows Open when I open of the doors, I press > and the zone digit is on to show which zone is opened, in sequence.  I tested all zones and then have them all closed and no "Opwn" zone is displayed.  I expect the "Tick' should be on, which is not.  And the ststem still cannot be armed.

    Any suggestions.  Thanks.


    902 should have reset the module supervision. Have you checked to see if #5 is still the trouble under #1?

    If "Open" disappears from the display, then the Ready light should come on. Do you have any 2-wire smoke detectors connected to the system?




    Yes, #5 still appears under #1.

    I have smoke detector connected, but in order to make it simple, I have already disabled it using option 00.

    I also have some other sensors connected upstarts.  But I also put them under option 00, in order to make the initial arming.  And all these sensors do not caused any Open indication.  Would these inhibit the Ready indicator?


    No, any zone defined as 00 is ignored by the system, so it would not prevent a Ready condition. What zones do you have defined now, and with what definitions?

    I would try removing, then restoring all power (both AC and battery). You will then get trouble #8 (loss of clock) and will need to reset the time, but perhaps the supervision trouble will be resolved.


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