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    Our DSC started beeping tonight very regulary. The green ready light and the yellow system light were on. Did the *2 and all that happened was the system light kept flashing until it went off and back to a green ready light.What to do?


    Welcome to the forum.

           First, what keypad do you have? Next, what exactly did you see and hear from the keypad when you pressed *2?




    We have the 1555.

    When we press *2, it just does the normal beeps when you press the buttons, and then there aren't any beeps. The other day, the system light would just flash after pressing *2. No red lights anywhere.

    We unplugged the alarm after I posted so that we could get some sleep without it beeping. The next day, we plugged it in again, it eventually started the beep beep again that day. *2 had the system light on, and my husband said the 8 red light was on. Pressed *2 again and the red light next to the 1 came on. Then I'm not sure what my husband did, but the system light went off. It's been off for days. It just started beeping again. Did *2–red light for the 1 comes on. According to the manual, it says we need to call the installation company. *sigh* A further *sigh*: the system light has now turned itself off.

    Is there a way to find out what's wrong without calling them? It'd be nice to not have to pay for a possibly unnecessary visit!




    try this, do *2, you should have No. 1 red light on, press 1 again, see which light is on now. I guess it should be no. 1 again. If so, you need call alarm company to get your backup battery changed unless you want to do buy battery and intall it by yourself. after you change your battery , you need to reset your clock again to avoid trouble. (no. 8 red light)


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