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    Hi all, forgive me if this is not the right place to post this.. it's the weekend and I'd like to get any kind of insight into my alarm trouble asap.

    My DSC Power632 is giving me a trouble light showing Zone light 1 on the LCD display.  The manual is not helpful.  It simply says "Service required.  Call your installation company for service."

    I've tested arming and disarming the alarm and all appears to be functioning normally.

    I've also encountered if the phone line or AC power, panel issues, zone low batt. issues occur, the panel would display the trouble codes associated with those.

    What typically could cause this type of trouble, and is there something I could try to do to fix this on my own, vs. calling the installation company?  I'd hate to have them come out just for a simple fix.

    Any help is appreciated.

    thanks in advance.


    Old EW Tech

    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    Do you have the 5501 or 5500 keypad?

    Pressing *, 2 on the 5501 will illuminate a zone indicator corresponding to a Trouble condition.  If you get a 1, press 1 to get additional information about the Trouble.

    On a 5500 pressing *, 2 allows scrolling with the Right Arrow key.

    Let us know.



    According to the Instruction Manual, I have the LCD5501Z keypad.

    No right or left arrow keys.

    I've tried hitting 1 after the zone display shows 1 after hitting *, 2.  and it just gives me 3 beeps and that's it, no other codes displayed except 1.

    Before my post, I perused through some other DSC model manuals on the internet and according to those, hitting 1 after zone 1 shows up will give another code to indicate what's wrong.. but I don't think it applies to this model, as the codes would come up right away after hitting * 2 on this one (ie; 2 shows up for loss of AC power, 3 for telephone line trouble… 1 is simply "service required" according to the manual, which doesn't tell me what's wrong)

    I'll try researching keypad LCD5501Z on the internet and see what comes up, since I've exhausted searching on Power DSC632 already.



    OLD EW Tech, thanks for leading me towards the right direction towards diagnosing my Zone 1 trouble.. 

    According to the manual  (page 15 of 28)

    A trouble 1 can mean any one of these:

    Low Battery,  Bell Circuit,  System Trouble(really!?), System Tamper, Module Supervision, RF Jam Detected, PC 5204 Low Battery, PC5204 AC Failure

    I'm willing to bet it's Low Battery somewhere.. (I've had this system for 5 years and this is the first time trouble 1 is displaying)  is there a battery in the main control panel that I need to replace maybe?  Not sure what PC 5204 Low Battery means as well.


    Old EW Tech

    You are correct regarding the first 1; it can indicate any one of 8 Trouble conditions.

    Pressing the 1 key when the 1 shows will narrow the Trouble to one of the eight possibilities.

    If a 1 shows after pressing 1, the Trouble is definitely a Low/Bad battery.

    The battery is located in the metal enclosure that houses the system (see the forum's FAQ-General Questions for additional information).

    A replacement can be had at Batteries Plus, Radio Shack, etc.  Remember to observe polarity (Red to Red, Black to Black) when installing the replacement.



    I'm 99% sure it's the battery in the metal enclosure (control panel).  I took a gander at this last night and can see the big black battery.  I took down the voltage and make of the battery and can go to  the Radio Shack to get a new one.  I noticed it said it was a rechargeable battery.  I'm sure it's life has gone since this system has been running for about 5 years.  One more question about this:  if I were to change the battery, would all my alarm settings 'disappear' upon removal of the old battery?


    You can safely remove all power from your system (AC and battery) without affecting the stored programming.



    My crazy busy work schedule has prevented me from posting a word of thanks to you guys for helping me out this past weekend.  I went ahead and replaced the 5 year old rechargeable battery on the DSC alarm system with a new one from Radio Shack and the system is no longer beeping every 10 seconds and giving me the trouble indicator light.  I really do appreciate it as calling up the installation company to do this minor maintenance probably would've costed me.  thanks again guys.


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