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    Trying to enroll the buttons of a keyfob, and I am unsuccessfull (with the exception of the first button).

    Btw., is there a way to enroll using the ElkRP?

    What I doing is the following: Entering Installer Menu 14 (Wireless Setup) and then selecting Option 3 (Learn).

    Then the keypad will prompt for enrolment for zone 18 (here is where my wireless zones start). I press button 1, which enrolls just fine. Then the system prompts for zone 19. I press any other button on the keyfob, but nothing happens. Am I doing anything wrong?



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    Forgot to set the Loop to #1, that's why it was not working … Now I got two buttons (ON/OFF) working …

    But apparently this thing has two serial numbers, probably if one wants to use all the buttons, both serial numbers need to be inputed.

    I am not sure how to input this info into the system. Perhaps through ElkRP, manually?


    DEL Installations

    Honeywell/Ademco fob?

    That fob can generate 9 outputs if I remember right, based on the 2 ESN's and the button pairs.

    I've found RP to be easiest when programming anything, and with RF, I make a list of the ESN's and then program the whole panel in one clip.

    Depending on the programming and rules, you are really not limited to functionality of the fob…multiple partitions, automation events, etc.



    Yes, it is ADEMCO/Honeywell.

    There are 8 keys on this keyfob and two ESN's. The first ESN has assigned buttons 1-4. The second ESN has assigned buttons 5-8.

    So how do you properly register this thing? Do you assign one ESN to one wireless zone (say zone 17) and the other ESN to another zone (say zone 18) in a manual fashion?

    Am I right?


    DEL Installations

    You'll assign the ESN to a zone, loop 1. Then you make a rule for each button's action of what you want it to do.

    Not as straightforward as putting the single zone/action on the Ademco panels, but far more robust, as you can have a single button perform multiple actions via a rule, such as open the OHD and disarm using a single button, or whatever you can think of.



    Yes, but this particular keyfob has TWO ESNs not just one.

    The first ESN which has four buttons assigned to it, and then a second ESN (which is one unit greater than the first ESN) which has the last four buttons assigned to it.

    I already assigned the first ESN to a wireless zone, I am not sure what to do with the second ESN  ;D Do you enroll both ESNs or it is enough to enroll the first ESN, that is the question :) Because if you have to enroll both ESNs, then you must enroll the first ESN to one wireless zone, and you must enroll the second ESN to another wireless zone.


    DEL Installations

    What I'd do:

    I'd assign the units to a group as high as possible in the panel, since it's not too likely many houses will come close to maxing out the 144 zones.

    Then I'd learn each fob's ESN's in 2 consecutive zones, irregardless of if I'd come up with rules to be used with each. Not mandatory, but given what can be done with the panel, I'm sure you'd be able to come up with a use for those other 4 buttons easily, especially if you have multiple partitions or lighting being controlled.



    Yep, works like a charm! I just enrolled the second ESN in the second zone, and not I can access all buttons of the remote

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