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    Hello, I have a DSC Power 1616 Alarm Systems, DSC RFK5500 Programmable LCD Keypad With Built In Wireless Receiver, and DSC WS4939 Four Button Keychain Remote.  I am trying to change my exit delay to make it as short as possible but it seems I can only make it go to 45 seconds.
    Installer’s Code
    005  (the programming section)
    01    (the partition)
    030  (30 seconds for Delay1)
    060  (60 seconds for Delay2)
    045  (45 seconds for the Exit Delay)
    ##    (Exit Programming)
    When I tried to lower it below 45 seconds it somehow manages to set itself back to like a min or two.
    Am I missing something in another section or is 45 seconds the lowest you can set the exit delay.
    Thank you,


    Hi Jim, welcome to the forum.

           If your 1616 is specified as CP-01, then 45 seconds is the minimum exit delay. CP-01 is a set of standards that were developed to address the rapidly increasing problem of false alarms. I'm going to email you a brochure that explains the standards and their rationale.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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