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    Anybody ever had any issues with the Ganz Digimaster series freezing up? All of the sudden you cannot access the DVR through the internet and when you get on site the mouse will not work until you power cycle the unit.Then everything works and the DVR will start recording from the time you did the power cycle. A search shows that there was video recorded from the time it was "locked up" but you cannot access that video.The DVR is plugged into a surge protector/power strip. The building it is in ( a laundermat ) has a professionally installed electrical surge protector for the entire electrical system.No pattern, about once a month or every couple months.Thanks



    I'm not familiar with this DVR but usually when I have a DVR freezer up it is a software issue. This usually can be fixed by updating the software. I would contact the manufacturer and find out if any updates are available. Usually they can be installed by disc, usb flash drive, or internet connection.



    Thanks. You are correct. Ganz offers firmware upgrade on their website.

    Thanks again for the reply


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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