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    I have recently purchased and installed a Simon XTi wireless alarm system. I love the system and the fact that I can make changes w/o paying for service calls. With the stystem I got the GE Talking touch screen (60-924-rf-ts). My intent was to have the main panel at the garage end of the house where we come and go and the TS by our bedside at the other end of house. That has not worked out as there is about a 50 foot limit on range for the TS. I will deal with that another way. My question involves the Chime. When I installed the system the TS mimicked the main panel and would beep twice when a door was opened. Now after finishing my additions to the system I no longer have any beep from the TS. The main panel – yes. “Chime” is set to on for both units. The support team where I purchased the product says I have to program the main panel under Sirens to have it go “Ding dong”. That does work but I would swear that it did used to sound a beep just like the main panel when first installed. Am I losing it folks?



    Mine will chime for doors opening. But instructions say the touch screen should be the last sensor programmed ( learned ) into the panel. You may want to reprogram touch screen again. Also touch screen has a chime on off toggle switch on the screen under options .make sure its ON. Last …in the main panel under system programming , sirens ,set voice chime to option 1 for voice chime.. then touch screen will not chime but say "Back Door" when door is opened.



    the keypad will mimic the main unit— also check the volume on the touchscreen



    I've got the same problem, the touchscreen used to beep 2 times when I open exterior doors but now it only chime when I set the voice chime to "soft door bell", no more beep beep for the touchscreen.

    I change the group of touchscreen to either 00 and 01 and it's still the same, only the main panel give me 2 beeps. any thought how to fix this?



    Keep the chime option turned on (on the secondary RF Touchscreen).  Then turn off the chime on the simon XT panel itself (it will mismatch, it's OK).  Arm/ open exit door / disarm.  Turn chime back on, wait 10 seconds.  Open a door (that has a sensor on it) it "should" chime…

    If that does not work, then you MUST completely delete and re-learn the touchscreen keypad.

    Always learn in the touchscreen as the "last" device as it will download other zone information in the learning process…  Leave the main panel alone until the touchscreen download is complete, it will slowly go to 100% over roughly 20 to 45 seconds.

    Also, reset the time on the Simon-XT to have it synchronize with the touchscreen, sometimes it will not automatically sync unless it's manually set on the panel first (after learning).


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