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    We recently purchased a house with a P3200 panel (unmonitored, not under any contract) and would like to see about getting it monitored.  The local company that did the install is charging a bit more than I like and sprung a 3 yr term on me when I had them out to talk about service.

    Anyhow, I'm looking for other monitoring services and need to get this thing reset, cleared, whatever so I can adjust the # it dials out to etc.  I've poked around and I see there is some QuickLoader software out there that I may be able to use to re-program it.  Does this software require the installer code to get access to program it?  Is there a hardware reset for this panel?

    If there isn't much I can do with the panel I'll probably just buy a replacement and reprogram it.  Any help someone can provide would be appreciated, feel free to PM me!  I could prolly have the alarm guy come reset the code but he's likely to charge me ~$150, which just doesn't make sense since I can simply buy a new panel for less than that.


    If I puchase a PCI-Mini adapter/cable (I have a USB to serial adapter or an old machine I can use with serial port) do I need the installer codes to program the panel or will the software and serial connection bypass this?

    Received my PCI-Mini adapter and hooked up to the panel, tested COMMS and it seems to be talking to the panel OK.  Yes you need the passcodes to get into the panel even thru the Quickloader software (for future Googlers looking for help).

    My EEPROM programmer is on the way from China, will hunt down the codes in the EEPROM once that arrives and provide info on how to find them.  From speaking with someone else on this subject the codes should be in ASCII form and a code like 1234 would be stored as 2143.  If I can't find it easily I'll dump the ROM, pop it back in, change a code or two and then re-dump and DIFF it to find where they are.



    You can use the code on the micro-processor can to get into programming, if you do not have the dealer code.



    I thought that code was only valid until a dealer code was entered?

    Anyhow, I'm not sure what that code is as the installer obliterated it from the panel.  Nice of them to look out for my security, huh?  ::)



    The Master Security Code in the panel on the sticker inside of the 3200 and higher panels can be used to access programming if the dealer code is lost or forgotten. Since it is hard-coded and not changeable, the installer is directed to remove the label after completing the installation by Napco. So unfortunately, if the dealer code has been changed from the factory default and you don't have the MSC you'll likely have to replace the board.





    Well, it seems that the codes are NOT stored in the EEPROM but must be stored somewhere else.  Did a dump of the EEPROM, saved it off, put it back in, changed my code and redumped again and checked for any changes, and nada, same data.  Oh well..  So for those that may Google this in the future, the codes are NOT stored in the EEPROM.  Ended up just ordering a new panel…EEPROM programmer will still be a nice little toy to have for other stuffs… :)

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