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    In the process of setting up my 20p & 6160rf.

    I have mostly everything running but I've yet to connect the phone line and have disconnected the sirens (bc the wife was tired of letting out a startled shriek) while I test everything.

    I set up a Ademco 5853 wireless glassbreak sensor this morning in a room with a large panel window and a exterior glass sliding door.

    I put the sensor in test mode by jumping (shorting) the test mode pads and let the 6160 'find' its RF transmission while in the *56 zone programming mode.  Then set the  5853 as a wireless perimeter zone (ZT3)

    Seemed to be fine for a while, but now every few hours the keypad sounds with rapid fire pulses and states to "check zone".

    I turned the sensitivity down from high to medium and then to low.
    It just went off again a few minutes ago while I am sitting here in silence on my computer.

    Nothing acoustical could have triggered it.

    What should I do?



    When it goes off every few hours with the "Check zone" (not sirens, or "Alarm", correct?), that's usually a sign of the panel not receiving the check in signal. The check in signal is usually at a lower power than the alarm signal, so as to save battery. How far is the glassbreak from the receiver, and what kind of walls is the signal passing through? If the panel is reading when you fault the zone, but not the check in, it could be signal strength. You might take the glassbreak down for a bit and put it nearer the receiver to check that.
      Double check that the serial number is in the programming, and that it shows loop 1 as the loop number. Learning the device in by having it transmit I believe requires two seperate transmissions, to confirm it got the right information.
      Check the batteries. I just had to replace what seemed to be brand new batteries on a wireless device. They are 3 volt lithiums, available at any local Wal Mart.
      Just a couple of ideas…



    Enroll that glassbreak by manually entering the serial number and loop number 1.

    Make sure there's no excessive RF noise by watching for the red led on the receiver.



    Figured Id close this out

    Turns out I never shut the cover completely which depresses a plunger switch. 

    I guess that activates the transmission?



    It's actually a tamper switch, which trips when you open it, so I guess if you don't close it, then when it sends it's check in signal hours later, it sends that it is in trouble, hence the check zone

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