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    Just curious as to what would be the best home system to use if I plan on not using the monitoring feature?



    Welcome to the forum…

    It all depends on what you're wanting to do…

    I would spend some time searching the forum for answers as it's been discussed here regularly!  ;)




    Jim,  Thanks for the response.  I am just trying to deter someone, I have just moved to a 1200sqf house, and have already had a break in.  My neighbors are rock throw distance, but unfortunately they didn't hear anything.  I would like to install it myself, so I am leaning towards a wireless system.  I have three doors and three windows that I would like to put a sensor on.  I have been researching the DSC Alexor, but just not sure.  Any recommendations?  Rene



    If you are going to install a security system and not have it monitored by a central station, save yourself some money and just get a "Monitored by …….." sign made at local print shop!  This is almost the same as buying a gun and no bullets!  :)

    Think about car alarms.  Most people don't even look up now because of the number of nuisance alarms we hear on a daily basis.

    If you haven't already, read the FAQ about monitoring of your system for the pros and cons.  And no……I don't work for a central station operator.




    Ok, thanks for the information.  One more question, can anyone tell me the difference between the Vista 15p and Vista 20p?  Which is better in the house I described above?  Thanks



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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