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    Hey guys. New to the forums as you can see, and also to the physical security world. I am looking to install a Honeywell/Ademco system with the hopes of adding some automation down the line. I have configured a small system that i believe will work but had a few questions regarding parts, services, stuff like that. First off, here's a list of what i plan on getting.TUXS - Touchpad6150 - Wired Keypad mainly for programming5800ZBRIDGE - Z-Wave5820L - Wireless 3 contacts5808W3A - Wireless Smoke Detector5800PIR-RES - Wireless motion sensor5800WAVE - Wireless SirenV21IPCNKT - Control Panel with IP connectivityFrom what i can tell by looking at prices and functions/zones/etc. if you need IP connectivity, then the best bang for the buck in the residential models (10P-15P-20P) is the 21IP. Although it carries a higher base cost because of zones and partitioning, it comes with the IP communicator built in. I have gone with what looks to me like the basic contacts, sirens, etc and just had a few questions.1-Is there another panel i should consider? I have looked at the lynx series but don't want an all-in-one panel as from what i have read they are not nearly as secure as the Vista series.2-For TotalConnect, do i need a subscription with someone other than my surveillance center that is offering me the ALARM NET-i service which is what i need for the monitoring right?3-I am getting the most basic keypad that i can find as it will be placed in the basement along with my panel for security reasons, but i only want this panel for programming as my touch panel and TC app should be able to do the rest for me right? Is there a wireless keypad that i can use instead of the 6150 for programming? If i have to buy a pad to program the unit, I'd ideally like to be able to use it somewhere else than in the basement, like maybe my bedroom.4-Do they Z-wave products (locks, lights, etc) integrate easily with the Zbridge so that i can control it via total connect and my Tuxedo panel or do i need another app for all that?5-Is there anything you can see wrong with my configuration? If so, what would you suggest?Thanks in advance, DarrinEdit:Just noticed that i need at least the 6160 to program the panel. I guess that's my cheapest option.


    DEL Installations

    Honestly, given your dabbling into automation, I would look at the Elk as a more capable and flexible platform. Also depends on the overall size of the install to make sense, but that would be my take on it.



    Hey, thanks for the information. I checked out my distributor for Ademco products and they carry Elk as well, although they seem to be considerably higher in price. Seems to me that to get a similar package to the one i described above i will be well over $1500 when i add on stuff to the gold M1 package, like the wireless receiver, IP option, and LCD pad, that's $500 above the $600 unit alone, with no contacts or things like that. What are the advantages to the Elk products over the Honeywell? Thanks


    DEL Installations

    A lot more flexible. Any internet monitoring or functionality requires no recurring subscription. Place the panel and service(s) side by side, the panel costs more up front, but is far cheaper.

    The Vista series will only allow generic Zwave integration for a limited amount of devices, and will not integrate with any other hardware easily, barring a couple of specific items.

    For wireless, there's a couple of options, including using Honeywell devices.

    The Vista would be OK for a small and basic install, but for any HA or mid level system, the differences compared to price are significant.



    Tuxedo Touch is very interesting as a DIY automation system with true integration to Vista security system.

    watch youtube on this Tuxedo Touch. youtube – search "tuxedo touch". It is actually a very easy to use automation controller with built-in zwave controller that can do a lot of zwave devices like lights, locks, thermostats and shades. this thing can connect to IP cameras to see live video feeds. the best thing is it has a built-in web server that can turn any with a web broswer such as smartphones, iPads, tablets, pcs, laptops and smart tv to control the system. don't have to down any apps. if you know how to open up ports in your router, you can remote control everything.

    you don't need the 5800zbridge if you have tuxedo.

    from the configuration, it seems missing a 5800 RF receive to work with the 5800 sensors. you can either get a 6150RF or 6160RF. these two keypads have built-in 5800 RF receiver to work with the wireless sensors. they also can be your programming keypad.

    the Vista 20P will work with what you want to do. Vista 21iP works as well if you needed to report alarms over IP network through Alarmnet.

    hope this helps. see more info on tuxedo from http://www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com



    Long post warning.  Hopeully I don't mix up my comments and throw out bad info!

    I've got a very similar system to what you are looking at, but without the TUXS, which I am planning to add, as well as the Honeywell ZSTAT.

    I have a 21IP with TotalConnect 2.0, a bunch of wired and wireless gear.  I did it DIY through an online DIY dealer (they did basic initial setup, I change most of it after the fact) and that dealer provides me the monitoring.  It's been almost 1 full year of having my system online and using TC2.0.  TC2.0 was just recently updated to add all the home automation comtrol (to coincide with the TUXS/TUXW hitting the market)

    Assuming you stick with honeywell, I would get a 21iP.  You don't say if you have landline, but since you are asking about IP monitoring, I'm thinking you don't.  And even if you don't, you should get GSM as well.  If you look at prices, you can get the 21IP which gives you landline, IP, and GSM for only 15% more than a 20P+GSM (which lacks IP).  So the few extra bucks are worth it for the flexibility IMO.  And if you don't have landline, but you will wnat the 21IP  should you want 2 monitoring pathways.

    Whoever you go with for monitoring will also provide you the TotalConnect 2.0 service.

    You do not have any wireless receiver and you want an alpha keypad. You can do it with a6160RF which combines a keypad and RF receiver.  But if you are placing the keypad in the basement, that's not an ideal coverage area for wholehouse.  So you may want to go with a 6160 + 5883H wireless receiver.

    A lot of folks don't like the combo keypad+RF receiver because it provides a single replacement point if either the keypad goes our or the RF receiver goes out, but when you price it out, you can get a 6160RF for the same money as just a 5883H, so a 6160+5883H ends up being more money than a 6160RF, and even more more money compared to a 6150RF.  Food for thought.  Lastly, the combo keypad+RF makes placement a factor (as mentioned above), so that's another reason people like the separate units.

    You don't need the 5800ZBRIDGE.  The TUXS has a full Zwave unit inside of it, and it has full automation capabilities with ZWave devices.  It is not as limitedas the 5800ZBRIDGE is.

    As I said, I am planning to add a TUXS and ZSTAT, but just have not gotten to it yet.  Not sure when I will do it, but I suspect not in time for your purchase window, so I won't be able to report back much on it.

    As far as other brands, You can look at the GE Concord 4 combined with a|arm.c0m, which would be your Honeywell Vista+TC2.0 comaprable option in terms of hardware and interactive/automation..  Feature parity compared to The Vista panels with TC2.0 is very very very close (now that TC2.0 has had the home automated added).  Price of equipment is very very close, monitoring is the same.  Most stuff I read on this forum says Honeywell equipment is "built better" though.

    And lastly, I learned about the ELK M1G from this forum after I made my Honeywell purchases.  Had I know about it prior, I may have purchased the ELK.  It's rules engine provides limitless flexibility in general, but it's particularly cool when it comes to home automation, if you want to get REALLY crafty, and from what my novice mind tells me from research, it would be a better platform to build on if you want to go really wild with homey automation, but along the same lines, does it makes sense to rely on your alarm system as a home automation controller if you want to go REALLY nuts with automation, when there are purpose built platforms for it, that you could then tie back to an alarm panel to kick off events?  If I understand correctly, the Elk can communicate with other systems better than Honeywell/GE can, so if you got a full home automation platform, tying it back to an alarm system would be better with the Elk.  Buy in is higher on Elk, but based on some price shopping, it wasn't hugely more expensive, and the flexibility on monitoring options allowed for for some payback ont he extra cost as well. If you do some searching on the internet, you'll find a forum or two where people provide DIY support on ELK focused on automation, and you can learn a little about what the rules engine can do.  Those posts are what made me go "Wow, that is really cool!"  

    Some personal comments based on my experience:
    If I went back 1 year and had to do it all over again, would I go Elk?  I'm still nto certain.  Since I am full DIY, and I find a lot less DIY support/user community online for Elk, I would have to do consider that more. Even though I am DIY on my Honeywell system, it was purchased from a dealer who provides me support as long as I monitor through them, but they don't lock me out of the panel (other than the monitoring settings section) as they sell their products for DIYers.  If I could find an Elk dealer like that, then I'd probably be fine with going Elk as a DIYer who didn't have any knowledge of alarms.   Now that I've installed, programmead, supproted, researched, etc. my own system, for the past year, I would be a lot mroe comfortable TODAY going Elk.  From a home automation standpoint, I only care about the basics (theromostat, some lights on/off) and the way I want them to work is very basic, so any option I mentioned will accomplish my goals.



    Elk is nice, but wish they could update their products a little. touchscreen seems a bit dated and small for $270. any idea if Elk touchscreen or their solutions will support ip cameras? how much more money I have to spend before I can add zwave lights, cameras and use my iPad with it?



    If you decide to go with the Honeywell we can do your programming for you @no charge if you sign up for Total Connect.



    hey Smith, thanks for the offer. I checked out your site. nice. TC2 is great a solution. at the moment I don't know if that will work with Tuxedo's zwave control yet. I'm not too concerned as I just have one remote camera and open up two ports in my router to get full remote access to everything from Tuxedo, zwave and camera. I think when I want to enable more cameras for remote viewing and when they both work together, then I will consider it. for now I don't have to do anything extra to get 90% of what I want to do remotely on my iPad through Tuxedo.

    I'm a bit of an IT guy, so I really appreciate whoever designed Tuxedo to bring this product to the market. it is like a hobby for me. if I have time, I might try to set up a second site with Tuxedo and connect both systems together. I don't think it is difficult at all. just need to do a little research. nice talking to you. please share more cool features of what you find.



    Hello….so……how did the install go? Or are you still trying to decide which direction to go?



    FYI: you can't use a 6150 keypad for programming.  You must use a 6160 keypad.



    Hunter123 – how did your install turn out. i am looking to do the same exact thing.

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