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    Hi I need your help.I have DSC PC3000RK, I don't know how to change the 4digits code.I have current 4 digits code. Everyday I use this # for arm & disarm.But I'm not sure this 4 digits cude is master code or not. And I don't have a manual book.How can I change to new 4 digits code & How can I delete the current 4 digits code?HELP ME PLZ :'(


    Welcome to the forum!

          If the code you are using is in fact the Master Code, it must not be deleted. However, you can change it. Here are the instructions from the User Manual:
    Enter . The "Program" light will flash and the zone lights will show which codes have already been programmed. To enter a new code or change an existing code, first press the code number
    to and then enter your code. To erase a code, press instead of a code. Note that the and keys cannot be used in a code. Pressing returns you to ready mode.

    The Master Code is code #01. Remember: Change it, but do NOT erase it!

    I am sending you a Private Message with instructions for downloading the User Manual from our Downloads page.




    Hi Ken in Pittsbugh.
    I am able to change the user code but not the Master Code.  How can i change the Master Code?


    The Master Code is code # 01. So you would enter

    *5    Master Code      01      new master code    #

    Is that what you did?




    Yes I did.
    but it dosen't work.


    Old EW Tech

    Master Code Changeable/Not Changeable is a programmable option.

    Do you have the Installers Code?



    I am not sure. I only have one code.
    I tryed     

    *5      my 4 digits code        02~16      new code        #
    and it worked
    but only 01 I couldn't change it. :'(


    Old EW Tech

    It sounds like the system has been programmed not to permit user changing the Master Code.

    If you have only the one code and you are unable to obtain the Installer Code you will not be able to change Installer Programming.


    Call the company that installed the system.
    Get the Installers Code.
    Attempt to default the system (will require reprogramming if successful).
    Leave it the way it is.



    I'll find the campany and call them.
    Thank you guys.
    I'll let's you know.

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