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    I just installed my own dsc 1832 / PK5500 and was wiring in a second siren. This caused a fault when the first one was temporarily  removed to add the second one. Now I can't seem to clear the fault to the ready to arm position.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    A "Bell Circuit" trouble code should clear almost instantly when a siren is connected to Bell+ and Bell-. Occasionally, a trouble code gets "hung up" and doesn't clear. Usually, removing then restoring all power (both AC and battery) will clear the trouble. Keep in mind that you will get a new trouble (Loss of Time) and will need to reset the system clock.





      I finally got a chance to try it. I disconnected battery and power. Got the date code error you mention. Reset the clock and still not cleared.

      What else can I try?

    The message is:

    service required
    gen sys tmpr  <>



    That is an open tamper on a module, like an expander bar.  Do you have an expander bar?  If so and you are not going to use the tamper you need to put a short wire from the tamper terminal on it to a com terminal.



    OK – you lost me on that.

    I have an expansion module that I am not using but will in the future.

    But it was working perfectly until I pulled out the wire from the "buzzer" to tie in a second one.

    Then it would no longer clear.


    The important question is: do you have the zone expander connected to the panel?




    Yes – the expander is connected to the panel and no sensors are currently being used with it.

    So if I leave my expander module hooked up, I need to jumper the tamper to a common? Both on the expander board? Not from the expander board to the main board? Solid wire, not a resistor? Want to be clear as this is all new for me.

    I will post a picture of my box tonight if I can so you can see the work I've done.

    Just trying to learn as well – why would that have any effect after pulling out the buzzer wires? It was working properly before I pulled the buzzer wires and the expander was wired in then.


    Actually, you can/should place the jumper from TAM to BLK on the expander. The trouble code is telling you that the TAM circuit is open. There is no relationship between that and the siren. The fact that the trouble showed up while you were working on the siren would seem to be a coincidence.




    That did it!

    Then I no sooner had it working when a sensor started acting up at the door. I changed it out and all is fine now.

    Thanks for the help – I now have a nice secured building and I couldn't have done it without the help here at this site.




    Glad to hear it, Dan.


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