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    I have an old key pad and it has no lables other then a lable of the name brand. It was beeping everytime the door opened but someone was trying to set the alarm one night and must have changed something bc it no longer beeps like it did.



    I dunno….how about downloading the programing manual for your
    panel, and looking for the answer there. That's assuming that a pro
    on your panel doesn't give you the answer real soon, and saving you
    the thouble of doing it yourself.

    Either way… best of luck to you.



    Eric In Texas

    In my experience, most SLink panels I see are some form of Ademco, so my guess would be that if the 9 on your keypad says "chime" on it, that you would use your code and 9 to turn that chime back on.  If it happens to not be some form of Ademco, a bit more info will be needed.  Locate the main control panel, and inside the can should be a model number, either on the door, or you may need to get it off the board itself.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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