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    Tin Ear

    Hi,   I have been reading the forum messages which are all very helpful as I am trying to become proficient in all things Ademco. My current problem is a Montronics version of the LynxR-EN. I have searched several forums but all things that were recommended have not worked in clearing the "fc" message and annoying beep every 30 seconds. I am trying to set this up for a local system only. Apparently, this unit tries to call central monitoring on a daily basis and if cannot connect, it throws up this "fc" message. When trying to get into fields 41,42, 55, or 56 an "EE" message is received. The only way to reset is to go into and then out of programming. This panel is not connected to any sensors at this time. If anyone has any suggestions,  they would be greatfully appreciated.

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    Sounds like it's locked (by monitronics) and it's now a boat anchor…

    Two choices, connect it back up to/with monitronics, or replace with regular Lynx.





    Monitronics pays big bucks to have it locked, so if you try to go with another monitoring company it becomes a wall ornament.  Go into programming & take out any report code you see, particularly field 64, I think it is from memory, to stop the periodic test.  You can still use it for local screaming, but thats about it.


    Tin Ear

    Thanks,  Kallico.  Thats the info I needed. Working so far. I never expected to sign up for monitoring, so this is great for my purposes.



    To access these fields use installer code  then 800 this will allow you to access the fields then delete 41,42,43,44 and 94.

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