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    I understand the downside to an all in one but this will work out best for me.

    I would appreciate your input on a few steps I am taking to help offset the downside of an all in one.

    I intend to install the unit in the kitchen somewhat out of plain view and away from the entry points.  Also I do not want to use the unit as a siren to lead anyone to it.  Can the internal siren be turned off or do i need to cut the wires?

    I see there is a wired trigger output which I would like to use to trigger the siren.  I did not see if that can be configured as such in the setup or if it is permanently use as one.  I am aware that he output is not capable of powering a siren on its own.  I am very experienced with electronics and will build a suitable circuit run my siren.

    Thank you



    The onboard sounder should just plug in – havent seen the guts of that panel though yet.  Just remember that if you do that – you also loose any/all keypad noises (keystrokes/chime/entry and exit delays).  Also, as far as locating away from the entries, just remember to allow yourself time to get to it to disarm it, and realize that a badguy will have that same amount of time.



    For entrance I plan to use a combination of key fobs and wireless key pads.

    I would like to hear your experience with the range of the 5804 key fob?  I use both my front and rear doors as primary entrances. I have only intended to put a key pad at the front door if the key fob will be sufficient for the rear door as it is not use as frequently. 

    Will any of the wireless key pads act as receiver for the key fobs?

    Thanks you



    Welcome to the forum…

    The 5804 will work good to about 50' depending on what's in between it and the control (metal etc)

    Nope, the "other keypads" wont work as "repeaters" and you can only use 1 receiver per system. You can add the 5800RP Wireless Repeater for additional distance but the fob will still only work to 50' of the repeater.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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