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    I moved into a house that had the MPI 50 system + MPI 712 keypad.  I attempted to reset the code but am not sure if that occurred since the three lights did not light up briefly when holding down the 9 key or when I removed the power and reset.  I went ahead and proceeded with the code reset which seemed to be confirmed with a long beep.

    The problem is that I have no instructions as to how to arm or disarm the alarm.  Is there a User Manual available that spells out the codes?  I have the Installation Manual which, unless I am blind, does not have the basic instructions on how to operate the system.

    Last, if the board is no longer operational or if I would like to upgrade, what are my options?  Can I substitute a more up to date, user friendly system with the existing structure?  Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.  Thanks


    Old EW Tech

    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    As you're probably aware, the MPI-50 is over 20 years old; as such its functionality is very limited.  User interaction is essentially limited to observing the Power and Status light.

    A basic description of system operation is provided in the last page or two of the Installation Manual.  I can't recall ever seeing an actual "User Manual".

    Yes, you should update/upgrade the system and the sensors.  Existing wiring can be utilized (assuming it's functional).

    Given the limited functionality of the existing system, any low end offering from the major manufacturers (Ademco, DSC, GE, etc) will provide you with the same basic security functions and increased flexibility.

    We sent you the information required for downloading manuals from the forums Downloads Sections and a list of online retailers of alarm equipment.  Take a look at the DSC PC 1616 and see if you think it will meet your needs. 



    Thanks.  That helps alot.

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