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    I had to replace a patio door and now am not sure how to rewire the sensor.  A wire broke off and when I cut back the insulation I discovered that there are four wires, black, red, green and yellow.  Which ones do I use to connect to the two door sensor ?



    Usually the R/B is for power and the G/Y pair
    for the sensor. If you don't have access to the
    CPU to check the wire connection at the terminal end and the system is up & running
    check the status at a KP to see the open zone
    then twist the G/Y together to see if the zone
        In the rare case of some bozo running power
    along that 4 conductor as well I'd meter the
    wire ends first for voltage…ya never know



    Ummmm …… He's likely going to measure voltage regardless. You may want to provide a little more detail.


    DEL Installations

    Easiest would be to meter out pairs using VDC to see which ones give you voltage, typically 3-5 VDC…..that's your zone pair (unless the EOLR is missing).

    People worry too much about the color of the pair when all you need to do is either match at the panel (home run) or find the appropriate zone voltage value……resistance means nothing (per se) in the case of the zone pair.

    Knowing the host panel also helps to know the voltage you should be looking for.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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