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    Okay, So when we bought this house it had this security system, but we have no codes. I have turned the chime on and it works on the doors and things, and I would like to be able to turn the alarm on and off so that it will sound if someone enters and it's set to either “away” or “stay” (although I'm not concerned with anyone being notified if these things do happen). I was reading around on some other posts and tried the *, 8, 5555 thing and the little red flashing light came on with a key pad and hand but then I wasn't sure what to do from there? Does this mean that the previous home owner never changed the security code from 5555 and if not is there anyway I can just reset the security code without having whatever it was before or am I SOL?


    Welcome to the forum.

          First, let's be careful about the codes we are discussing. The Master Code and other User codes could legitimately be called "security codes" (even though DSC doesn't call them that). But the 5555 you mentioned is the Installer's Code, and that's a whole different story. Far from being SOL, having the valid Installer's Code gives you full access to all of the system's programming. If you simply want to change the Master Code, we can help you, but to be safe, we need to know the model of the system (GS3055-I is a cellular communicator — it's not an alarm system). If you're not sure, check on or inside the control cabinet.




    Thanks so much for helping!

    What I mean by "security code" is the 4 digit code that allows you to turn off the alarm, so I guess it is also called the Master Code. I found the box and it says "PowerSeries PC1616" on it.


    Excellent! The Master Code is stored in section 007, so if you do the following sequence, you'll have a new Master Code of your choice:

    XXXX  (your new Master Code)

    That should do it. If the green ready light on the keypad is on, you can arm the system using your new code. Disarm by simply entering the same code. The Master Code will allow you to add/delete/change other user codes as well.

    Next, you should go to the forum's DSC Manuals page and download the PC1616  Power Series User Guide (follow the instructions at the top of the page).

    Let us know how it goes.




    It worked! Thank you so much!


    That's great! Don't forget to download and read that User Manual, if you haven't already done so.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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