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    HiI decided to install a Texecom Premier 24 (metal).I'm not an alarm fitter or an electrician.I've fitted simple and cheap alarms before but decided to buy something a bit more professional.I purchased the following1 x Texecom Premier 24 Metal Control Panel1 x Texecom Premier LCDP Remote Keypad2 x Exodus OH Optical & Heat Multisensor4 x Dual PIR3 x Surface Magnetic Contact or Reed Switch for Burglar Alarm Systems1 x 12V 3.2Ah Battery2 x Texecom Premier Odysee 1E10 x Proximity KeyI wired it all together like this See attached diagram.33136kj.jpgI started it up by connecting the RED and then BLACK battery connectors and then while pressing the LOAD DEFAULTS button also pressing the KICK START button.It all powered up and the alarm went off. I keyed the default engineer code 1234 and the alarm stopped.Then I am getting a number of messages on the control panelSystem Alerts!Area A needs resetAZone 001 TamperZone 002 TamperZone 003 TamperZone 004 TamperZone 005 TamperZone 006 TamperZone 007 TamperZone 008 TamperAlarm from zone:Zone 001 ActiveZone 002 ActiveZone 003 ActiveZone 004 ActiveZone 005 ActiveZone 006 ActiveZone 007 ActiveZone 008 ActiveIt then just loops again and stops.Is there something I've done wrong?



    Sorry I'm not sure how easy it will be to see the detail in this attachment.

    Here is the URL for a bigger image.



    DEL Installations

    No mention of any EOLR's being installed, and since Texecom is a British company, with EN graded panels, typically they require DEOLR's for the loop and the tamper.

    Is this installed in the US or GB?



    This is where as a non professional installer I am totally confused!!!
    I'm in GB but I don't understand EOL wiring at all. Can you tell me what this means?
    I have just installed the 2 wires from each device into a zone. I presume that this isn't correct?



    Do I have to use EOL Resistors (or Double EOL Resistors). The Texecom Premier Elite 24 has only 2 terminals per zone whereas the 48 and above have 4 terminals per zone. The manual only shows wiring for 4 terminals per zone which makes it difficult to understand how I wire the 2 terminals in a zone. I thought I used Double Pole but maybe I'm wrong?

    Is this forum only for professional installers? have I come to the wrong place for help? If so can someone suggest a more applicable place where a non-professional alarm installer can go for help.

    I'm sure that you all had to start somewhere at one time or another. Any help you can give me will be most appreciated. I would like to understand this and install it myself. Who knows I may like it and join the ranks of the professional Alarm Installers?



    It is a matter of how you configure the zone in the programming mode.  A double eolr allows you to have two virtual zones with one set of wires.  Based on your diagram, you should program the zone to be normally closed.  Try that and see if it clears your errors.

    In addition your wiring of pir 04 and mag 01 will only alarm if both are tripped at the same time.  If that is what you want, then good.  Else you need to wire those in series, right now they are wired in parallel.

    For you aux tamper, you need to ensure all of those tamper's are in series, not parallel.



    Great thanks.

    I'll give that a try tonight.

    I did actually wire the tampers for the PIRs in series using a terminal block. But now I realise that I have to do the same for the tampers on the 2 bell boxes.

    Is it ok to wire both bell boxes back to the main panel? (other than the tamper of course)

    Now that you've pointed out the problem with PIR04 and Mag01 I realise that I should be thinking in series all the time rather than parallel when wiring two or more devices to one zone etc.

    Thanks again for your help.





    Thanks for all your help.

    I emailed Texecom and they were a great help and pointed me in the right direction.

    Once I was pointed in the right direction it all made sense. Pretty straightforward really.

    I managed to do it myself (with help from this forum of course!).

    All seems to work well now. I just need to work my way through programming/customising it to do what I would like.
    I've tested everything and all the devices worked ok.
    If I get any problems I will post a question on this forum.

    Thanks again.





    My first time on here.

    I have just wired up my alarm and would like a pointer or two. I am not a pro but I am a generator engineer and deal with control panels and connecting laptops to equipment. But not alarms.

    I have just got a Texacom Premier elite polymer unit with proximity keypad, 4 Texacom PIRs and 2 door switches.

    It only has 2 terminals total for the tamper and a bunch of resistors taped in a bag in the panel. @ activation terminals per zone.

    Do I bunch all the tamper pairs in parallel and put them in those 2 terminals? And what about the resistors? Do I have to put those on the sensor ends? Or not at all? Do the colours for the tamper pairs have to connect to the PIRs a certain way around? The tamper terminals don't seem to be marked up like this.

    I have the laptop connector to use the Wintex software but I can't make head nor tale of it, Not easy to use and all strange termanology. All I want to do is get to the bit that will let me name the zones and configure the NO NC on the contacts etc. But I can not seem to make it connect to any thing resembling my panel. Most of the options on the screen are shaded out as well. Very difficult.

    Can I set it up before I connect the external bell box? Or can I link it out some how as I cant afford to disturb the street. While I am playing.

    I also have the stand alone GSM modem unit to connect and configure, once my SIM card arrives. Do I do this with the laptop as well?

    Or if any one is near dover and wants to set it up for me for a fair fee may be that will be better.

    My Grade 2 system is not an insurance need.

    Any pointers would be handy.




    As I have already said I am not a professional installer so I’m sure that you will get plenty of help on here from someone who really understands your Texecom system.

    I can give you some of the pointers that I picked up.

    Almost everything is connected in series not parallel. Especially when you are connecting two or more devices to the same terminals (e.g. the tamper terminals).

    Red                                              Black  -  Alarm Tamper
      |                                                    |
    Red—–Black—-Red—-Black—-Red—Black  -  Terminal Block
      |_____|          |_____|            |____|
            |                    |                  |
      Device1            Device2          Device3

    Hopefully this diagram makes sense to you?

    You would also do this if you were connecting two or more PIRs to one Zone..

    I never used the resistors and just connected all devices directly to the alarm terminals. You need to make the relevant setting in the engineers menu though so the system knows how you have set it up.

    Don’t put the bells up until you have tested them by connecting them with a small length of wire inside your house. If you have already installed your alarms then just disconnect them while you are testing and then connect them up for the final test.

    Let me know if I can help further.

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