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    I work for a Fire and Security alarm service and installation company, Our flagship Fire Alarm brand is Silent Knight (and our security is DMP) however we service almost all makes and models. One of our large contracts that we've obtained has a large number of shopping centers and they all use Notifier FACPs. Servicing these is not as big of an issue as is re-programming them after a big gut/new buildout. Does anybody know where I can obtain the programming software to cut down on my headaches when re-installing the devices, (detectors, manual pulls, control modules, relay modules, etc)?Also do you need a hardware key(usb dongle, etc)to use the software like I have for my SK programming software.Please advise, and thank you all in advance.


    DEL Installations

    The problems you're going to have are:

    Liability, you're touching a life safety panel whose manufacturer requires you to be trained and certified in their product line. That said, I'd be treading lightly, even if you're just reinstalling existing devices because if push came to shove, the insurance guys and lawyers would have a field day with both yourself and your company, whether or not you and your company are licensed to work on fire alarms.

    You are not a certified Notifier dealer, so you're not going to be able to get any support, docs, or software from Honeywell. Just the way it works.

    If you're able to find a copy of Verifire tools online somewhere, the best you'll be able to hope for is that the panel DB's are at the same or earlier versions that haven't been updated. You won't be able to do anything with a panel that has a later DB than what your software supports, and downgrading is a huge liability. Then factor in if you're dealing with DVC's, DAA's, NFN hardware and NCM's, no software for them either.

    The panels program via the USB and software requires a license which is issued upon passing the certification. The software will not work without that license key. The latest software is a 6.XX and the last versions that didn't have the key were 5.7.


    Thank you for your reply, Liability is the least of my worries, I am a level headed, software minded kind of guy who prefers to program via laptop (usually the only time in a work week that I get to sit down at work) who knows to program via keypad while standing in a crouched position on top of one of the many file cabinets located under the FACP(s)

    I am (over)trained in programming on several life safety systems but first and foremost being Silent Knight.

    I was just hoping to find an interface that would make my job less difficult than contorting my body into some of the God-awful places the orig. Installer located these panels.

    Ideally, the customer would not be so dang cheap, and spring for a more serviceable panel (at least for my co.), and maybe I'd even see a reflection of that in my commi$$ion…

    I am very familiar and proficient programming with the onboard keypad, but it seems SOOO much more time consuming than it would be if I could only upload/download via computer.(I could probably even correct the Original Installer's horrible spelling and mis-labels more efficiently)


    DEL Installations

    Best I can do is say have your company or customer pay for your certification if you've got the related experience under your belt as you imply.

    There's a lot of programming fields that are not able to be accessed from the KP or NCA, so there's a lot that I'm sure you're not seeing.

    From working for Honeywell themselves, there's a huge difference between Firelite, SK, FCI and Notifier's abilities and what they can do, especially if you consider the panels being networked or just simply having logic equations running.

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