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    Where ever do I start.  This is one of those topics in life where there is just not any info out there and I found myself trying to do all sorts of stuff I probably should not.  Just to put that out there and before I start as I said above there is no info out there about this stuff so I appreciate all the info you can give me greatly.  It is nice when pros are so interested in there career or hobby that you set time apart to help others with no reward.

    Ok,  Let me list my situation my hardware and my needs and wants and see what everyone has to say.  So my old hardware is adt stuff.  It says scantronics all over it so the main board is at least scantronics and numbers I found on it area/w 50 -773 revb also p/n 101-000139 and bhs 2000b.  This was made in 95 and installed in 97.  I took ownership in 98 forgot the code given to me by previous owner and never used it.  back to hardware the keypad is DCU 602 series scantronics.  I have 3 motion sensors and two are aritech model dr112 and the other model dt-435tb.  Now I am not sure all of it works but I imagine most of it does.  Besides that I have four door magnet switches which I assume they are all pretty equivalent .  I also have a 4 wire smoke alarm model 2812th brand brk I think,and I think I have two horns. 

    My needs and wants.  I just want a security system for my home that I can activate with a keychain.  That if I choose to use any existing hardware(based on wether the stuff I currently have is worth reusing based on your replies)  everything is currently hardwired and I can keep two of four doors hardwired and 2 of the 3 motion sensors hardwired.  Smoke and horns could be kept hardwired. so hardwired devices including horn and smoke alarm from 6 to maybe 8-9(which I might add a couple). The remaining was on a floor level and the installe just tacked two doors and one motion wires to the walls which ran the whole lenth of the wall in one room which is not an option for me.  So I was thinking of replacing those with wireless devices or just surrounding that area with alarms so if they gained entry they could not go anywhere else.  So now that brings me two other ideas.  I would like a break in to contact my cell phone.  I can give it access to a phone line but understand most systems require another $100 dialer to do so?  I guess the alarm companies have some kind of proprietary lock on internal dialer?  Now calling me is not 100% necessary just would be nice.  I would like a keyfob disarm which supports at least two.  x-10 lights on and off would be nice also but not necessary.  I am pretty sure that I am missing something but I cannot think of it right now. 

    And I guess I will mention the most important part now is that of programming the unit.  I have read alittle on the internet and this seems to be the most difficult part so I need something easy for DIY.  I am pretty good with menus and have a couple of ham rigs that are menu driven so I think I could figure most out but the more user friendly the better.  And I am not sure how this goes but I must be able to do all the programming by what ever means through the keypad or another way.  Meaning I dont want to rely on an alarm company to get me up and running.  I also would like to be able to use a monitering service if  I ever chose to in the future. I am pretty good with wiring I have fiqured out most of how the old system worked with how it is wired into the main board and all. 

    I have looked at the simon 3, which has limited hardwire if I go that way,  and the concord4, and here recently because of this site the ademco vista 20p.  I am not sure which if any are going to fit the bill so now I ask for your help and thanks in advance.



    Old EW Tech

    Hi Mike, welcome to the forum.    :)

    The two most popular brands are Ademco and DSC and you will find many advocates for each.  I would recommend that you take a close look at the Ademco 20P and the DSC Power 832.  I'm sure that either would serve you well.

    You will, of course, have to add a wireless receiver to them to achieve the functionality that you mentioned.  I would suggest the stand-alone receiver modules rather than the keypads with the integrated receivers.

    X10 capability can be added to the DSC832 with the addition of the Escort module and it would also provide the capability of controlling not only the X10 Home Automation functions but would provide remote access to and control of the security system as well.

    Assuming that your existing wiring is functional, it should work with either system but I would recommend that you replace the motions and smokes (they're due).

    I sent you a Private Message with the information required to download the User manuals from the forum.  Take a look at the manuals and see what features of each seem to fit your needs.

    Use the forums Industry Links page and visit the Honeywell and DSC websites and take a look at the systems.

    We'll be here to help with the additional questions that you are bound to have and when you have decided on a system, we can provide you with a copy of the Installation Manual so you can get an idea of what is involved.

    Don't be too intimidated by the thought of programming.  Spending the requisite time with the manuals and a little help from the forum should get you through just fine. 



    Old EW tech or others,

    make sure I get this right the escort will let me remote activate the system?  The 20p does not have that option?  Do either have the option to call my cell phone if they go off?  Or can I add a generic dialer to either one?  Ademco do x-10?


    Old EW Tech

    Yes, the Escort provides for control of the system over any Touch-Tone phone (local or remote) via menu driven voice prompts that explain which key entries will control various functions.

    You can check system status, arm/disarm, change arming modes and control automation (X10) devices from anywhere you have access to a telephone, including cell phones.

    Both Ademco and DSC will call a cell phone; however, keep in mind that without additional equipment they will provide little or no information regarding the nature of the alarm.

    With the Escort, after receiving a call from the system upon an event, you can call the system back and obtain system status.

    That being said, we still recommend professional monitoring of any system.  The CS will call your cell as well as initiating the dispatch.

    Both DSC and Ademco will do X10.

    If you would like to look at the Escort manual let me know and I’ll send you one.


    DEL Installations

    To put $.02 on top of what EW said, Ademco hardware will also provide the same functionality for calling for system status and event info.

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