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    So I have a DSC 1550 board with the PC1555RKZ keypad (I think) it was installed by original owner, I purchased the house 2 years ago and just got around to messing with this. I had disconnected the system completely over a year ago thinking it would lose its configuration somehow but I guess its stored in EEPROM.

    So I did the factory reset with the EEPROM and Reset pins together and that seems to workish, I say this because I am now able to add new user codes with the default 1234 code.  I think I also had a dead backup battery so I got a new 12V 5Ah to replace the old one (guy at store said 5Amp would work just as well and hold power longer during an outage)

    Before the new battery when I plugged it in the trouble light would come on along with zone 1 when I hit *2 so I checked all connections to make sure they are still solid and the door sensors are good, since the battery replacement now I just get a trouble light and no zone 1 light when I do the *2 operation.

    Every 5 minutes or so the system goes into alarm and hitting any button at all on the keypad stops the alarm for 5 more minutes or so.

    I am trying to get this thing reprogrammed but it seem like I need to clear all troubles before it can be disarmed and put into the *8 programing mode.

    I have all 6 zones hooked up

    Zone 1 – Entry
    Zone 2 – Basement
    Zone 3 – Motion Sensor
    Zone 4 – Living/Dinning Room
    Zone 5 – Bedrooms
    Zone 6 – Master bedroom

    I also have in line wired smoke sensors and it looks like I have some leads hooked up to the Z1 & COM connections which leads me to believe it is wired up to my smoke sensors as well.

    Any information you might have to help me figure this out would be very helpfull.


    Welcome to the forum.

          Are you saying that the system goes into full alarm (siren sounding)? And is it currently armed? If so, does the Master Code (1234) disarm it?




    One Correction I have the PC1500RK  keypad.

    Ok so the Armed light is never on no matter what, I tried to arm it but I think until the "trouble" is clear it will not arm. So I dont think it is armed.

    Yes the system goes into full alarm (siren sounding) I tried to disarm it but it doesn't take the disarm master code 1234 but it doesn't seem to do anything.  The Ready light never comes on.
    When the siren goes off I hit any 1 key at all and it stops for a short while probably less than 5 minutes.

    I can configure the system to bypass Zones with the *1 and confirm they are on bypass.

    I am pretty sure I am adding user codes because I can do the *5 and add a user, and when I try that users 4 digit code to arm or disarm it takes it unlike other random 4 digit codes but does not arm or disarm still.

    I think I set the clock with the *6 function which seemed to take.

    It doesn't take the *0 either for a quick arm.

    Like I said right now I can do a *2 and i get a trouble light but no zone along with it anymore after replacing the battery. I did try to open a window in the zone 2 and try again and it doesn't show trouble in zone 2 when I do a *2 if that makes any sense…

    Can I just disconnect my Z1 and Com going to my fire system to eliminate that as a "trouble"?

    Maybe I am best off just getting a new board?

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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