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    I stopped using ADT to save money but I set the alarm off the other day and put in the wrong code in a hurry.  Now the alarm wont disarm itself.  I had to disconnect the siren to keep it from going off all day long.  The keypad shows the red alarm light, the trouble light and zone 3.  I've tried following the directions to reset the system to no avail.  I turned off the main power and disconneted the battery back up then turned power back on and connected battery – still no good.


    Welcome to the forum.

          Entering the wrong code won't prevent the correct code from working again. Try hitting the # before entering your code ( to clear anything you may have left in there).




    DSC does have a keypad lock out option. It is set in programming section 012 in the 1616-1832 manual. for other panels I'm not sure where this option is programmed in the 5010 and 1555.



    Sounds like you're using the wrong code. Try using the right code.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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