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    Anyone have some instructions for this unit?  I am interested in it but can't find any good literature.  Company doesn't give much info.

    How does it work with the 20P/6160RF?  Is it a zone?  What?  Talk to me. 




    I will get them (instructions) for you Pirate! I'll have to find them though…

    I agree their site is a little non informative (they know and are going to work on it)

    The REC1 is the Ademco version and connects only to the bus. You get two 7 function keyfobs (newest revision with a flashlight LED called the "torch"), the receiver, the 3 color LED, LED plate, cables and instructions

    Somethings to know:
    1. Uses keypad address #17 only
    2. Must turn off "auto stay arming" in control
    3. Must have non-changeable user# to use (comes with one but can be changed – I mean use one that no one else will change)
    4. First panic = zone 99 (adjustable action in control – default silent panic)
    5. Second panic = zone 95 (adjustable action in control – default fire panic)
    6. Recommend single gang box installed with blank plate to mount receiver on (lots of wire and connections – look at it and design a way to hide wires)
    7. Need 1- 4wire for bus, 1 – 2 wire for garage door, 1 – 3 wire for LED.

    Green = ready
    Flashing Green = not ready
    Red = armed stay
    Flashing Red = armed away
    Flashing Orange = alarm while away (or not cleared yet) don't go in!

    This company makes most of DSC's wireless equipment, with similar results. Some devices (keyfobs) "may work" with this but must be determined first.

    The REC3 is a wireless receiver for Ademco that acts just like the 5881H (will allow as many wireless devices as the control can handle) and uses or allows the use of some DSC wireless products, and a full compliment of Secure Wireless devices (motions, contact's, smokes, etc)

    Benefit?? These devices are generally less expensive than Honeywell/Ademco stuff and some have longer receive distance's and their are more options…


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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