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    First post.  I need some help getting started.  I want to get a basic kit installed and then build on it after I get a feel for the Vista 20P.

    I want wireless and hardwire options.  Eight zones might be enough but I will probably end up needing 16.  I'll start with a wireless front door sensor and a motion detector in the office.  I'll add more sensors and the  garage.  I am also installing independent IP video surveillance and may want to trigger an IP camera with the Vista 20P if possible.

    I need help deciding between the 6160 and 6160rf keypads.  Is there a difference in functionality?  Is the difference the reception is at the keypad with the 6160rf and at the box with the 6160?  Which one is easier to expand to 16 zones?  Is zone doubling an option with both keypads?  Is zone doubling just for hardwired?

    How do I get the list of online vendors?





    Welcome to the forum…

    I'll send you the online resellers list.

    The 6160rf will do as many zones are available on your control (40 on the V20P)

    The 6160 is just a keypad (no RF)

    A 5881ENH receiver could take the place of the 6160rf and give you wireless with a 6160. I personally like the 5881 as it's more robust if you have a large home (2k feet and up)

    Zone doubling is done on the main control and uses zones 2-8 & 10-16 (total of 15 zones onboard)




    Security101, Thanks for the reply.

    I found a Vista 20P starter kit with the 5881ENM.  I haven't yet seen the 5881ENH in a kit.

    The 5881ENM is a sixteen zone receiver.  How many zones would I have with the 5881ENM and the Vista 20P?  Would it be 8 hardwired zones on the Vista 20P plus 16 wireless zones on the 5881ENM?  Is that a total of 24 zones without using zone doubling?  I believe 24 zones would probably cover all my needs.  However I am unclear as to whether or not sirens or fob's or…?  take up a zone.

    If the Vista 20P and the 5881ENM have a total of 24 zones, does that then leave room for future expansion of 16 more zones for a total of 40 zones?

    The house is  two story 3000 sq ft.  The garage is about thirty feet from the house and about 10 ft below the lower level of the house.  Wireless would be my preference to the garage as running wires might be difficult.  Perhaps I should set up a completely separate alarm system in the garage.  The Vista 10P with  the 6160?  I could then use the less expensive and more reliable hardwire sensors in the garage.

    Would programming the 10P and 20P be the same?  To maintain my sanity I would get two 20Ps if the programming were substantialy different.



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