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    I just purchased a GE-60-924-3XT2WTTS "GE Simon XT 2-Way Wireless Talking Touch Screen Keypad" and was expecting to just run this on rechargeable batteries.  It seems though this thing needs *both* plug-in power AND batteries–which is very inconvenient based on where I wanted to place this.

    Do I have this right?  Do I have to run this on both?  It seems like if you run it on batteries it keeps shutting down.



    I am not the expert on the Simon XT equipment but when I read the specifications on this keypad it says to use 4 AA Alkaline batteries.  It says nothing about rechargeable.

    Unless I am missing something that could be your problem.

    Also it states it requires 6 vdc.  Four AA's will give you 6vdc total.

    Four rechargeable, Nicad, Lithium will generally give you 4.8vdc @ 1.2vdc each.  That could also be your problem.

    On the other hand you could have a bad battery no matter if you just bought them and think they are new and fresh.  Need to check the voltages.

    Good Luck




    Yes those touchscreens need to be pluged in. Is it gonna be placed in a spot permently? If so you could punch small hole  behind it and fish the wire to an outlet remember if you lengthen the wire to mind the polaity I have done  quite afew this way.




    I am just a DIY guy, but I just installed the same touch screen and you do indeed need to run the 6v power wire to the unit.
    What I did was purchase an electricians “flex bit” that was 72” long with a ¾” auger head made by Klein tools from my local home improvement store. It made easy work of drilling down into the wall and through the fire breaks between the studs. I then fished the 18ga alarm wire through the wall to the touch pad location.
    You will have to cut the power supply wire and splice the barrel connector at the tough screen end and wall plug / transformer on the other end. I just ran a new wire into the attic from my breaker panel and installed a 2 gang box in the attic.
    I used one of the outlets for the transformer that powers the touch pad and the other to power the transformer that powers my exterior sirens.

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