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    Using a DSC Power 864

    Some smoke detectors have a solid red light.  How do we fix this?  There are no batteries and they are hard wired.

    Some detectors blink every 30-40 seconds.  Is this normal?

    How can we test the detectors (or system as a whole including attic heat detectors) and is there any annual maintenance?

    Great site and thanks in advance.


    First, you need to be certain that the detectors are connected to the alarm system. People often are 100% positive that their smokes are part of the alarm system, only to find out that they are 120 volt smokes installed to satisfy building codes. That said, a solid red light probably means that the detector is "latched" in the alarm state. If you're sure that they are connected to the system, press and hold the "Reset" key for two seconds (until it beeps). It's the fourth function key down.

    Blinking every 30 – 40 seconds is very typical behavior.




    Pressed and held Reset.  Alarm went into Delayed Exit Armed mode.  A few secs. later siren sounded.  Entered code and stopped.  View Memory.  Fire Zone 7 alert.  smokes still solid red light.

    Smokes are Zone 7.

    A few years ago we remodeled our house and "builder put this in" while we were in Africa.  We ordered all the stuff and he installed.  I assume the smokes are wired since it is the easiest to access and at the time the house was gutted.  BUT…..never assume anything with this guy.

    One red smoke is in the master (completely new) 15 lin. ft. from control.  The other is across the house but in the hall way.  There are three additional smokes in bedrooms around it as a cluster.  Those are acting normal, and you would assume why wire three but not the one in the middle.  Again, this would be typical for them to miss but why go negative.

    No idea what to do next.  Thanks.


    Apparently, the Reset button was reprogrammed for Quick Arming. Instead, try entering *72. See if that resets the smokes.




    Wow.  Pressed *72,  Beeped twice.  Red Light off in Master.

    Walking to hallway smoke…I've determined you are a genius…Alarm goes off!

    Turn off quick…I think it said Zone 7…

    Master smoke is red again but hallway is normal.

    Your move….




    Hey Ken,

    Thought I would try it again….

    Enter *72.  Light goes out.
    Keypad: Output Control in Progress. Light out.
    Keypad: Enter Code to Arm. Light  out.
    Smoke goes click after 5-7 Secs.  Light on.
    Siren… then disarm.

    Thx again.


    So *72 did reset the smoke, but after a few seconds it tripped again? I don't know what else to think but a defective smoke detector. Any idea how old it is? The industry recommends replacing them every ten years.




    Sounds logical.

    We were in Africa on the 1st anniv. of 9/11.  So 8 yrs. not counting period from date of manu.

    I'll get a new one and be back in touch with some other issues.

    Thanks Ken.  This has been a thorn in my side and a pleasure to work with you!!!

    Take Care.

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