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    OK guys, I know someone here has a method for testing (I hope)  newly installed glass break sensors and it's already been suggested to break my window.  I mean do you really just install these and walk away,hoping they work?.

    Let's see….
    Three glass breaks installed
    Don't know if their working
    Breaking out three big windows to find out

    Just say no to the hundred dollar GB testers.(CHEAPER THAN NEW WINDOWS THOUGH).



    A few years ago, amesalarm conducted a series of tests on various
    glass and frame mounted glass breaks. I purchased several old beat
    up framed windows from an architectural salvage yard, wired them up,
    and broke them.  Seems to me that I got maybe 20 windows for about

    Could work for you on an audio glass break system.

    The key is to find a yard whose owner never throws away anything,
    and has obscure sizes of tempered glass windows, with almost no
    hope of selling them.

    Another possibility may be a window replacement / installation company, who may be happy to have the old tempered windows taken
    off their hands.

    I'll leave the cleanup details to you. Our tests were in the shop, with
    a concrete floor, which was easy.



    Throw a wad of keys at them. Does not test the sensitivity of them but does verify that they work



    tried lots of keys so far, no trippy. How bout a cd of breaking glass played real loud?.


    Personally, I favor putting a piccolo down the garbage disposal, but I think that may reflect a personal bias against the piccolo.

    No, but seriously folks, this is definitely an issue with glass breaks. There is a certain "leap of faith," if that's the right expression. Short of using the manufacturer's simulator or breaking some windows, you just have to believe that it's going to work. However, if you do a forum search, you'll find a fairly recent discussion of this where a couple of pro's express a lot of confidence in GB's based on their own experience. It's pretty reassuring.




    The CD would not work most modern glassbreaks require sound plus a vibration to get an activation.



    Any EE's here, maybe we could design a simple test circuit. I will persue this further.

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