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    I'm new here and have tried searching these threads for my question but couldn't find it. I've looked everywhere online for a product without luck.
    I have a shop located about 200 feet from my house.  It has one entrance and no windows.  I live in a very remote area and need a simple,inexpensive system with a VERY loud outdoor horn/siren that can be heard up to about a 1/4 mile radius and used in conjunction with a motion detector.  If it were an expandable system that I could use  later for my house too then that would be a big plus but not a priority.  I need a system that's fairly easy to set up  since my knowledge of electronics is very limited.


    For the audible I would suggest a 30 to 50w speaker powered by a high powered siren driver. That would be enough ;)


    Old EW Tech

    Welcome to the forum.

    It's not clear from your post but assuming that the system is to be installed in the shop we'll need to know if the building is climate controlled.  If not, what are the temperature extremes?

    Also, shops / garages are frequently hostile environments for motion detectors (dust, insects, rodents, fumes, etc); a magnetic contact on the Entry/Exit door "might" be a better option (backed up with a photoelectric detector if desired).

    Additional details will help.



    Thanks to Old EW Tech and SecurityAlarmTech for your responses.

    Yes, the system will be installed in my shop but I could have a wireless system where the main control is located in the house – which ever works best.  My shop is not climate controlled and the temps in there can range from around upper 40s in winter to upper 70s in summer. I currently have a motion detector in shop but it simply sets off a small buzzer inside the house (it's primarily designed as motion detector for use on driveways). This is okay when I'm home but if I'm away I need something that will really blast a loud sound since my nearest neighbor is about 1/4 mile away.
    Again, the motion detector does seem to work okay in the shop (I have it set up above the door inside the shop) but does, on rare occasion pick up an invading squirrel.

    What I'm probably looking for is a plug in system (DC or AC with DC backup) that either has a large outdoor horn or a system that will allow for such a horn to be easily added. Most systems I' ve looked at have rather limited range(weak) horns and I've contacted some of the companies and they acknowledge that it wouldn't fit my needs.  The simpler the better since my skills are very limited.  Specific information such as the name and model of a system that would fit my needs would be helpful. As noted in my original post, It would be great if this were a wireless system that would allow me to expand it to include my house but for now my priority is the shop (I keep lots of expensive equipment there).

    I appreciate information you can offer before I off the paranoid deep end.


    Your mild climate is a big advantage. You should understand that while alarm manufacturers do offer what they refer to as "kits," systems are really a collection of components. A mid-level hybrid system, such as the DSC PC1832 or the Ademco Vista 20P would give you tremendous flexibility, as well many options to expand the system, now or later. Hybrid means that you can use either wired or wireless devices, although with either of these systems, the keypads must be wired to the control.

    I believe that the DSC systems are a bit easier to set up and program, but that may be just because I'm more familiar with them. With either system, the wireless receiver is an add-on component, so if and when you decide to add wireless, you'll need one. The forum will give you help with programming, if you need it (you may want to check out the tutorials in the DSC FAQ's section).

    Now about that siren: again, it's a component, to be purchased separately. A 50 watt siren, such as the ELK-45 would be extremely loud, and its current draw (1.2 amps) would easily fall within the limits of both panels. If you needed more noise than that, a separate power supply would allow you to add whatever you felt necessary.

    I'm sending you a Personal Message with the forum's standard list of recommended online retailers. Take a look at those two systems and come back with any questions.



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