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    I have an old Morse MDC-16C panel, which works just fine. It reports the alarm events in 4/2 format. It does have a momentary switch input for remote arm/disarm the system and an output to indicate armed status.I am looking to add cellular monitoring with interactive features like email alert for alarm events as will as open/close events. I looked at two options - Uplink 4550 and Napco Starlink SLe-GSM. Both says their units are fully compatible with 4/2 dialer capture , but don't state categorically if interactive feature will work. In fact, somewhere I read that interactive work with contact id format only.Can someone provide some insight on this issue ? If someone has used thees or any other GSM cellular for interactive feature for 4/2 reporting, please share your experience.Calling monitoring services like Alarm Relay or GeoARM didn't help much and hence, looking for help from experts on this forum.Thanks a lot.


    DEL Installations

    There's a whole lot of items at play, and honestly, you're looking at a tough integration with old and obsolete hardware (even though the Optex/Morse stuff was halfway decent in it's time).

    You're not going to get a dialer capture and interactive features to work with 4/2 or any other format similar, nature of the beast. SIA, CID and a couple others are defined communication formats, where 4/2, 3/2 and the older 4/1 and 3/1 since the formats are templated at the CS to determine what a XXXX/XX means, rather than an "E121" of CID format.

    While you might be able to remotely arm/disarm via some units (interfacing with the keyswitch input) there's not much else you'd be able to do/see.

    You're going to have to make a decision as to whether or not the panel will be servicable for your purposes and forgo the fancy bells and whistles or upgrading is necessary.

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