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    I would like to add wireless glass sensors to 2 bedrooms that I have in my basement.  Each room is about 10’ x 10’.  One has just a single doublepane window, the other has a window and a door that has glass.  What is the most suitable glass sensor?
    i see 3 options on the internet: NX 487, NX 488 and the smaller 60-462-10-319.5.  I like the last option because it is cheap but not sure how it works and I was not able to find any documents on it.  I called GE and they told me that it covers up to a 10” radius but the description on the homesecuritystore.com  website says it is installed directly on the glass.  Can anyone confirm for sure how this sensor works and if it covers the whole room, or the whole double pane window, or just the part of window that it is attached to or what?  As far as nx487 and  nx488, what is the difference and which one is better?

    Also, do any of these 3 sensors give a lot of false alarms?  I use to have another one (don’t know model number but it was round almost like a small smoke detector) and it was useless cause it would go off with any sound.  I had to remove it.

    Thanks for the advice



    Hi and welcome to the Forum.

    The 60-462-10-319.5 mounts directly on the glass and is effective within a 5 foot radius.

    When I use a wireless glassbreak my preference is the NX-487.

    Why you ask????  I think it has better flexibility. 

    Good luck.



    Able1 if i can ask, what do you mean by "NX487 has better flexibility"?

    also, any reason why i shouldn't use 60-462-10-319.5?  It seems perfect for a one or 2 window small room .. as long as it works and doesn't give false alarms .. have you ever used this product?  Do you know where i can find the user/install manual for it?

    Thanks for the help/comments.



    The NX-487 has sensitivity settings that the other does not.  aka greater flexibility.

    Never used the 60-462-10.  The install manual is not listed on GE dealer site so I would say that to get one you would have to buy the unit.  Kinda sucks!!!! ???

    Everything has the ability to false if the conditions are right.  A device that is stuck to the glass can false should a bird fly into the window. 

    Nothing is 100% perfect. :'(

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