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    I am getting hooked up to a monitoring company but I don't think they provide yard signs.

    What is a good type of yard sign to get and where do you get them?




    There are some online DIY security companies that sell yard signs/stickers.You can also try e-bay, you can find ADT, Brinks, Protection One, and all the big alarm companies yard signs on there.



    bleh,  a sign is a sign is a sign, as long as it's visible.

    Personally, I'd probably never put one on my own home honestly…But I'm a masochist like that.

    But if you want/need one, just look around.  Identifying that you're protected can be just enough to scare off the "would be" robber.



    Not necessarily. A blatantly, fake, generic sign like the ones you see that say "protected by an electronic security system" or something rather do no good to an experienced thief. That's usually a tip-off that there's no alarm installed.

    Generally people identify with name brands. That's why name brands do so well. Usually a well known companies sign does more good than harm to keep someone out. The amatuer thiefs will move on, the only ones that won't are those determined to get in and will do so at all costs.



    Like Kyle said if someone wants in bad enough they are going to come on in and do there dead reguardless of what sirens go off or who is called. I did see a report sometime ago though that studies showed a home with "known named" signs was less likely to be targeted.

    Its kinda like the red flashing LED in car alarms…no one knows its there unless you tell them. :-)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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