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    It all started when the key pad did not respond when I tried to punch the master code to deactivate the system this morning and the alarm started to sound  I could not get the thing to stop but eventually it accepted the code and stopped the alarm, but meanwhile messed up all the settings, now I have got it to the point of arming and disarming except for the yellow triangle that stays put ,  
    Another error is  in stay mode when someone open the door it used to give a continuous beep but not any more and the alarm does not get activated. any help appreciated.

    Just now I pressed *2 to see the error codes, the screen shows '3' what does that mean….



    Hello Sladolf,

    For the door chime try entering *4 to re-enable the sound.

    I'm assuming you have a LED keypad?
    Trouble #3 means that there is a problem with the phone line.

    I would check the jack first.

    The following is taken from the reference manual;

    Trouble – Telephone Line Trouble
    Phone Line Voltage at TIP, RING on main panel less than 3VDC

    • Measure the voltage across TIP and RING on the panel:
    • No phone off-hook – 50VAC (approx)
    • Any phone off-hook – 5VDC (approx)
    • Wire incoming line directly to TIP and RING.
    • If trouble clears, check wiring or the RJ-31 phone jack.

    Good luck!



    Thank you for the tip, that sorted the issue, but regarding the beep, the chime does work, but previously when in stay mode if a door is opened there is a continuous beep followed by the siren when the time runs out, that part of the sequence is not working, any suggestions. Thank  you



    which zone # is this door?



    Zone 1 and Zone 2




    are you pressing *9 when you arm in "stay mode"?

    Do you still get those few seconds to disarm? Or is the alarm instant?

    How many delay zones do you have set up? (these doors included and are they of the same type? (meaning; on the amount of time before the alarm goes off)

    If these are the only ones, and they are the same kind then lets try reprogramming them.

    5555 (or whatever your installer code is)
    01 01

    If this doesn't solve it then the system times/delay times might have gotten messed up,

    5555 (or installer password)
    00 (or specific partition, if you have the set up)
    (  ) here you will enter entry delay1 time entry delay2 time and exit delay
         (as so; eg: 030 030 060)

    keep us posted,




    Thank you so much, finally it was the delay time settings for the zone, I overlooked it in the first place but you got on it spot on, great job, appreciate the tip.

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