Home Security Cameras


Keep your home safe with affordable, reliable, and personalized security camera systems from LiveWatch. You can customize the right system for you, add even more security to your Plug&Protect system, and enjoy maximum safety and flexibility all at once.

Real Protection 24/7

Few things are as daunting to a burglar as a security camera. With LiveWatch, you can check up on your home 24/7 and have live, streaming video from your security camera system sent to your smartphone. LiveWatch offers both indoor and outdoor security cameras. Our HD home security cameras provide excellent video quality for up to 50 feet and work nonstop day and night. The online, cloud-based footage can be accessed at any time, and you won’t have to worry about DVRs or CCTV systems.

A Great Addition to a Plug&Protect System

Home security cameras are a great addition to a Plug&Protect Basic or Plus system, which comes with door and motion sensors, mobile alerts, and 24/7 professional monitoring. Our top-ranked customer service is great, and our easy-to-use wireless security system has a simple set up. You’ll have a one-year guarantee without needing to sign up for a long-term contract. These systems are also completely portable, so if you move, you can take your security camera system with you. A home camera system is a great addition to the Plug&Protect system and would complement your motion detectors very well. You can also beef up your system with up to 40 security devices, from a smart lock to a flood sensor.

Fast Response Time

It’s important for the whole family or all of the tenants of a house to have access to information when an alarm goes off. That’s why LiveWatch uses ASAPer, or As Soon As Possible Emergency Response. This system features a patented technology that gets in touch with those on a contact list, and emergency responders, faster. Instead of one state-level representative calling every number on a contact list, ASAPer contacts everyone simultaneously by phone, email, or text message. Our system does this within about 30 seconds, which is much better than the average of 5.5 minutes for a traditional system. Then, that contact group can message each other and talk about how to resolve the alarm, choosing to either ignore it or call 911. That response (usually sent from a smartphone) is then sent to the whole contact list. If you also have a security camera near the place in question, you can have another way of seeing whether or not an alarm event is a real emergency. Being able to respond even faster is another reason to add a camera to your system.

Learn More

Learn more about our systems by reading our FAQs section, or feel free to give us a call at 888-885-8028. Note that to keep prices low, LiveWatch does not have installers; however, our cameras are very simple to install on one’s own. Electricity will need to be fed to your security camera, so you may want to consult an electrician before doing the job yourself. Having a security camera a bit out of sight is a great option; give us a call to get installation recommendations and extra help. We have the best customer service around and are happy to help you make your home safe. Our founder is an EMT who has dedicated his life to helping people protect themselves, so we know the value in creating a safe environment at home. Call us today!

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