Full home security in one simple package

Plug&Protect is a professional-grade security system that gives you just what you need to keep your home safe from intruders and more.

Here's how you get started

We pre-configure your system for your home, then send it to you.

Just unbox, plug in, activate.

How it protects your home

Secure outside doors
Indoor motion detection
2-layer protection

You don't need a maze of sensors to secure your home. With a few well-placed door and motion sensors, we give you two layers of protection for a fraction of the cost.

Control your alarm system from anywhere

Control your system from the alarm panel, or use our smartphone app to get complete access from anywhere.

Get notified instantly when alarms occur

Our alert system, ASAPer, sends you mobile alerts seconds after an alarm is triggered. You can resolve the alarm from your smartphone or computer. And if you’re unavailable, our monitoring center will dispatch the police for you.

Add to your system as your needs change

It’s easy to beef up your Plug&Protect at any time. Want to add a flood sensor? A smart doorlock? Plug&Protect systems can serve as a hub for up to 40 security and smart home devices.

Plug&Protect systems start as low as $99

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