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Phone line, VoIP and IP monitoring are great options when cellular service is not available. However, since wired connections can be cut, the majority of new consumers now choose cellular alarm monitoring.

Cellular alarm monitoring gives your security system a private, secure, uncuttable connection to our 24-hour alarm monitoring station. With cellular monitoring, you never have to worry about alarm signals being blocked by a disconnected phone, spotty internet connection, or complicated firewall or router.

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Protection Against Power Outages, Line Cuts and Internet Outages

Cellular monitoring uses the latest technology to bring you the best security. See how VoIP stacks up against the newest innovations in cellular monitoring.

  • Does your alarm monitoring work even if your phone and cable lines are cut?
  • Are you secured if your Internet provider goes down?
  • Does the system have its own cellular network that can't be disrupted by firewall or router issues?
  • Can you change your phone or cable provider at any time to save money?

With 24/7 wireless signals, easy use and dependability, cellular monitoring always has you covered. This way you can keep your home and family safe, no matter what happens. LiveWatch's alarm monitoring is an increasingly popular alternative to phone line, VoIP and IP monitoring.

Plug&Protect systems start as low as $99

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