Nature in motion: live cameras from around the world

Live cameras are established worldwide and give the public viewing audience an opportunity to view some of nature's most amazing animals. There are zoos, aquariums, parks and preserves that give an inside look at animal habitats and behaviors. Animal cams and videos provide the chance for people to view animals anywhere in the world, from the comfort of their home. Some may never make it to Africa on safari, but with modern technology and live, streaming web cams, anyone can watch lions or elephants as they migrate to the nearest water hole. Children learning about animals in school can further their study by watching the same creatures in their native habitats or in a captive setting. This is a great way to ensure children fully understand the animal's behaviors.

Cams established in zoos and aquariums help the public learn more about species, while watching how workers interact with them. This provides a variety of educational opportunities for children and teens. Birding cams provide a look at some of nature's most wild moments. Bird watching enthusiasts can further their knowledge regarding individual species with cams and videos. Cameras that are established in nest boxes give the unique opportunity to view birds as they lay eggs, care for them until they hatch, then nurture their young until they take flight. Live cameras provide educational opportunities and are a popular source of entertainment.


  • Smithsonian National Zoological Park: Explore a variety of live, nature cams from the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. Cams include the elephant exhibit, otters, clouded leopards, fishing cats, lions, naked mole rats, orangutans and pandas.
  • San Diego Zoo: Animal Cams and Videos: Visit the San Diego Zoo online and watch animal cams including polar bears, apes, elephants and panda bears.
  • Houston Zoo Animal Webcams: The Houston Zoo provides a number of live, streaming web cams including the giraffe feeding platform, flamingo cam and rhinoceros yard.
  • Animal Planet TV Sloth Cam: Animal Planet has collaborated with the Atlanta Zoo to bring you the live streaming sloth cam. There are other live cams including Pacific Reef, hedgehogs, bunnies, kittens, otters, eagles and more.


  • Explore African River Wildlife Cam: Explore brings a variety of live, wildlife cams including the African Wildlife cam that features elephants, giraffes and rhinoceroses.
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Cams: The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife offers a number of live, streaming web cams online for those interested in viewing wildlife in their native habitats. Cams include bats, birds, seals and salmon.
  • Wolf Cams: The International Wolf Center provides these streaming cams that show wolves in their enclosures. Veterinary care is witnessed as well as the wolves' daily care.
  • Salmon Cam: Alaska provides this live streaming salmon cam that automatically refreshes.


  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Cams: The Monterey Bay Aquarium provides a number of cams including aviary, jellyfish, the Kelp forest, live streams of the Monterey Bay, penguins, sea and otter.
  • Aquarium of the Pacific Exhibits: The aquarium of the Pacific offers various web cams including the weedy sea dragon, penguin habitat, the tropical reef habitat, sea jellies and more.
  • Blacktip Reef Shark Cam: The National Aquarium provides this look inside the Blacktip Reef Shark tank that house a variety of fish and sharks.
  • Seattle Aquarium Live Cams: The Seattle Aquarium offers several live web cams including seals, octopus and otters


Watering Holes


  • Hunting Live Deer Cams: Check out the live deer trail cams located at Edenwood Ranch and Preserve.
  • Katmai National Park and Preserve: While hunting isn't allowed at the Katmai National Park, it is allowed in the preserve. View these live webcams from Alaska that feature brown bears, salmon, the Dumpling Mountain and the Naknek River.
  • Alaska the Last Frontier: The Kilcher family lives in Alaska and often hunts for their food. They have collaborated with Discovery TV, and have installed live, streaming web cams on their property.

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